Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gametime: South Carolina (Dems only)

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Welcome back to Political News Networks. Here is Jason's version of last nights Primary.

Senator Obama won South Carolina; Followed by Senator Clinton and native son, Senator Edwards. Here are the results.

Interesting notes from South Carolina:

1) Senator Clinton did not campaign here; Her husband did. And after Senator Obama's win, President Clinton tried to denigrate the win.

2) From the Right, Rush Limbaugh notices, the Clintons are going to use this loss as a new version of the "Southern Strategy". Even if you disagree with the man, Read the link.

3) The Clintons attacks on Senator Obama is backfiring among Democratic faithful. Even Caroline Kennedy has endorsed Senator Obama.

Next: As Tim Russert said in 2000, "Florida, Florida, Florida,"


  1. JSF, I will go to my grave thinking that Bill Clinton was a better president than anyone named Bush, but his campaign against Obama is really putting him in a whole new light to myself and I think a lot of other people. I always wondered what exactly it was about him that stirred up the level of hatred that he got from the right, and I'm starting to get it. Still, on his worst day in office he was better than Bush on his best, but to quote Kyle from South Park, he really is a butt pipe.

  2. The endorsement of Senator Obama by Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and her uncle Senator Edward M. Kennedy raises a interesting question to what extent has the Clinton campaign's tactics in South Carolina alienated the older guard of the Democratic Party i.e. those Democrats especially the Blue Dog Democrats in the South who are fiercely loyal to the older guard.


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