Saturday, January 19, 2008


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It's nice to be ahead of the trends. Check out the Wall Street Journal's article (And Donald Douglas' post) on Liberal Hate Speech.

And kudos for Senator Obama for making a real stab at Bi-Partisanship.

There are very few things in the Valley that Aurora and Jason agree upon -- but one thing that every commenter that has come here said is, "We don't want Hillary elected President,"

Why do I persist in this? It seems it is easy to say "We don't like/support/etc. Hillary." But when it comes to doing something, our allies on the Left don't follow up. They expend their energy hating Conservatives and Republicans. Read any Kos or Huffington Post comments.

Fine, my question is for those who Blog for the Left side of the Blogosphere and their Allies. What are you going to do to make sure she is not the candidate for the Convention? After 8 years of Liberal hate Speech, why should it be the Republicans job to stop her?

Post-Primary and Caucus results will be up tonight or tomorrow morning.


  1. JSF, as the only liberal who posts here I guess it's my job to answer your question and frankly I don't want to when it's preceded with all this bullshit about hate speech. But here's something to ponder. Who do you think we like less, Hillary or republicans?

  2. Jason,

    The answer is simple: Republicans, not Hillary.

    As far as the hate Speech, 8 years worth, and we're not supposed to notice?!

  3. JSF, hate speech from all sides have existed a whole lot longer than 8 years. It's your blog and you can play whatever silly partisan games you want here. Just don't expect the only liberal here to play.

    What I will play is this... in the spirit of Nevada's caucus today we should have some kind of bet on the results with real stakes. Should we each pick the win, place and show for each race and whoever gets the most right? And for stakes, I think it might be fun if the loser had to donate $5 to the campaign of the winner's choice.

  4. Jason,

    I'll take the bet; After I hear an answer on how to stop Hillary. I did give Senator Obama kudos for being on the right side of bi-partisanship.

    I'm on for a little while.

  5. Jason,

    I'm jumping off for a little while but here are my picks:

    (D)Obama, Clinton, Edwards
    (R)Romney, Thompson, McCain

    (R) Thompson, McCain, Huckabee

    I await your picks and your Hillary answer.

  6. JSF, you know what to do to stop any candidate. But I'm not kidding about not playing this game because of all your hate speech silliness.

  7. I'll post my picks by 2pm (PST). I need to do a little research on your side. I was not planning on adding SC to the bet as Nevada is the gambling state. If you agree to this bet without me answering your Hillary question, then it's a go.

  8. D'oh! I blew it. They're already calling NV, so it wouldn't be a fair bet at this point. I would have put it in earlier but I had a ton of family stuff going on. Next state with gambling (mob-run as opposed to Indian casinos) is New Jersey. Is that a Super Tuesday state?

  9. Jason,

    I'm loyal to my friends, but man, what is going on? I don't castigate you for what you put on your Blog. Maybe you need a time-out or whatever, but you're turning into the folks I'm railing about -- and you have proven before that you aren't in lockstep. Are you?

    The Hillary question is relevent because, I hear time and time again that Hillary shouldn't represent the Democratic Party. As a Conservative Republican can influence Coulter, a Liberal can influence other Democrats. You're not stupid enough to disagree with the concept -- so, I asked the follow up question:

    If Hillary is to be defeated before November, it wil require the works of Liberals and democrats, relying on Republicans to do it would be foolhardy (and if you have been following the posts, I am tying Liberal hate Speech to something) to believe after spewing and yelling at us for 8 years to than do the Dems work.

    It doesn't work that way.

    I have given you cover to attack Hillary(the "win" in NH) and it is used against me. WTF?! Will you crumple after the Convention and be a full throated supporter of Hillary? That's what I'm trying to find out here.

    Whatever tactics or stratagies you use against her, I want to give you cover, but you are so caught up in your anger that you don't see it.

    So, Jason, as a friend, please chill out. You're not getting any new friends this way.

  10. JSF, I think you're taking things way too personally. All I'm taking issue with is this whole "hate speech" ridiculousness. I've addressed this on my blog and I hope that explains it better, and I am truly sorry if what I said was taken the wrong way.

  11. JSF, did you get my last comment?

  12. Aurora,

    Try again....

  13. It was a long one. I've forgotten it and the moment has passed. Oh well.

  14. Aurora, I've had my own share of comments on this blog eaten so I truly feel for you. And since I'm the nice guy that I am, I'll just take the liberty of summing up what I'm sure you would have said. OK, here goes...

    Liberals are BAAAAAAAAAD! I hate them so much, but because they hated first that makes their hate wrong while my hate for their hate OK since hating a hater is a double negative. I wish we could just round them all up in one place and shoot them, which also wouldn't be wrong because it would be for the good of humanity.

    Now don't say I've never done anything for you. :p


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