Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gametime: Iowa Preview

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Welcome sports fans to the PNN: Political Night News -- this is the first in a joint Blogger project between Jason, of Washington Interns Gone Bad and I. Enjoy the show!

Before we get to New Hampshire, let us briefly look back on the Iowa Caucuses:

For the Democrats, the end of inevitability of Senator Hillary Clinton and the rise of Senator Obama, with Senator Edwards sandwiched between both contenders.

For the Republicans, Governor Huckabee, then Governor Romney and finally, Senator Thompson.

What does it mean?

For the Republican candidates, it is still a jump ball. If Huckabee cannot maintain his lead in the next round of Primaries (till Nevada), he should exit before February 5th.

However, except for incumbent Presidents, Iowa rarely chooses the next nominee. The last time that occurred was 2004. Here is Iowa's history on choosing candidates.

If, as predicted, Senator McCain takes New Hampshire, his campaign will be given a second wind before South Carolina. Thompson needs to remain in the top three to remain viable by February 5. Giuliani (the Valley's choice) is holding his powder till Super Tuesday -- Take Florida or go home.

And now, Jason will explain the Democrats team. This is JSF until the post-game.

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  1. Dear readers, I'm not sure if what I do is so much as explaining the democrats team as it is offering the sarcastic views of a very cynical independent leftist.


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