Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gametime: The Invisible Primary #2: Florida!

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And welcome back to the Parrot head Political News Network! Another invisible Primary, you ask? Because Florida moved it's date before Super Tuesday, the Democrats disowned it. The Republicans allowed the "Winner take all" state to offer half of it's delegates to the Convention -- thus proving once again: Democrats don't believe in Democracy.

Here are the results.

Senator McCain received endorsements from Governor Crist and Senator Mel Martinez; Senator Obama received an important endorsement from Senator Edward Kennedy. Even though Obama lost and McCain won. Each party had different rules.

McCain attacked Romney as a "Liberal" and caused him to come in second. There are underpinning of dismay if McCain is the nominee from Conservative quarters. This will be discussed at another time.

Meanwhile, Mayor Giuliani who doubled down and went all in, came in third. He gave up his campaign and yours truly must decide who to support by next Tuesday: Romney or McCain? I will accept any comment to help me decide.

Why is there no Huckabee? He is created by the Clintons -- No Democrat will decide the Republican Party's fate. Period.

Don't forget to read Jason's take on the Primary! Until Super Tuesday, here is something to remember Florida by:


  1. It's a shame about Rudy. You'd think his campaign strategy of ignoring the earliest states and talking about 9/11 24-7 would have done much better for him.

  2. Slowly the threshing continues I wonder which will be next to fall Romney or Huckabee

    An aside on the Democratic party content I love the fact that in effect John Edwards now hangs over Clinton and Obama like the Sword of Damocles

  3. You guys are so funny. I have been finding this to be one of the strangest election cycles I've ever seen. The democrats constantly surprise me with their lack of democratness, the Republicrats constantly surprise me with their lack of common sense. I just got a request in the mail to run for office, do you think I should do it?

  4. Malcot my friend I think you should run. Although, I also believe you should come to Texas unseat Ron Paul because, you have more sense.

  5. The real, final showdown's this weekend!

  6. Dr. Douglas, I argee the final two days untill Tuesday will be key to determining the success or failure of the remaining candidates.

    I am curious what effect will the apathy and indifference felt by some populations of non-Christians toward the candidates have on the outcomes on Tuesday?


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