Saturday, February 02, 2008

Musings from a Sale

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Microsoft is buying Yahoo; Meanwhile, there are only two (major) candidates running in each primary. If Microsoft buys Yahoo, than Yahoo is back in competition with Google (which runs Blogger -- the structure the Valley is built upon). If Yahoo declines, who will be left to buy it? Google?

With the choices between McCain and Romney for Tuesday, here is a breakdown of my potential vote (If you heard me on Hugh Hewitt's show on Thurday, I was the first caller and I said it there).

Romney, from MA, has taken opposing views within the last five years, but since he started running for President they are the (forgive the pun) the Right views.

McCain, whom I met at the 1996 Republican Convention, has been in the Senate and has fought for "Clean Government," (After being involved with The Keating Five) but that begat McCain-Feingold, and quelled free speech. Romney is getting allies from the Conservative camp -- yet McCain is becoming the new "establishment" candidate. A title that Romney owned prior to Florida.

If McCain wins the Primary and loses the General, the three pillars for Conservatives will be splintered. There will be a dogfight over Conservative issues and personalities among Conservatives. It will make our time in the wilderness last longer.

If McCain wins the Primary and the General, then the Conservatives will still be out in the cold. But with no allies left to speak of.

If Romney wins the Primary and loses the general, Conservatism, at the end of 2008, will remain on ice until 2010. Nothing forward, nothing lost.

If Romney wins both Primary and General, I do worry he might follow the polls to decide where to tack. But he would, to quote Speaker Tip O'Neill, "dance with the one that brung ya,"

Conservatives should not look for the next "Ronald Reagan," But they should find people who best represent the future. In 1980, Reagan represented America's hopes and dreams for it's time (1980). He brought America up from the doldrums of Carter. Looking for the next Reagan is a futile exercise -- Reagan was not Reagan until he started to govern in the West Wing.

(And a side note to you Democrats, he liked Wilson and FDR -- What Democratic President will cite Republican Presidents in their rise? Hmm. The answer is none.)

As Conservatives, we should be foward thinking and planning for the next election. As far this election, I am choosing the Conservative candidate on Tuesday. Mitt Romney.

For now, Microsoft sees Yahoo! as the future to stay as a challanger on the online world. Conservatives and Republicans should follow Microsoft's lead.

**But should McCain win the Primary, I will use my efforts to support him. However, we might see a replay of the 1996. That is my worry.


  1. JSF, completely aside from the pragmatic politics, does the fact that Romney believes in wearing magic underwear to protect him from evil bother you in the slightest?

  2. Oh come on my sweet 1996 wasn't so bad, after all it brought us together, or as I always say it brought me you. Maybe McCain will bring some other couple as much bliss and contentment as Dole brought us with each other back in the day. Say hello to your mother for me, our day is coming up fast :)

  3. In my life no politician has frightened me because, the politician who is beholden to the base has neither grace nor flexibility to paraphrase Abba Eban and without these politicians are often reduced to shrunken heads.

    If either McCain or Romney wishes to achieve a high degree of both party unity and more importantly the cohesive national unity that characterized the Era of Good Feelings and the period of time from December 1941 to November of 1946.

    In terms of fearing a politician my life the only politician or political guru I have ever feared is Malcot because she is a combination of Elizabeth I and Golda Mier.

    Indeed I am no fool were I one of her enemies I would fly before her taking flight well before her inauguration :D

  4. For candidates like Romney and Huckabee to be successful they must not allow themselves to be dominated by the Religious Right and must begin outreach to non-Christians and institute dialogue with these segements of the population.

  5. Chessnovice...if you are saying we shouldn't be afraid of any politician, you must also not be afraid of the 'Religious Right'. Without them, America is basically another Europe, in my opinion. American Thinker has an excellent article up on the unique character of America and how it is the Religious Right (or 'evangelicals) which have often been the last ones standing against the threat of militant Islam. Even the neo-Cons and libertarians on the Right have frequently caved in.
    JSF, I'm so glad to hear you don't support McCain. Actually I know few people who do. I really don't know where he's getting his momentum. I understand you to be saying that McCain will destroy the Conservative base of the GOP if he gains power. If I've got that right, I think you've hit the nail on the head there. Whether or not we move into a Clinton or Obama dark age, at least the GOP should remain intact to fight another day. I just hope there's not too much damage done in the interim, though I guess that's too much to ask.

  6. Aurora, your defense of the religious right is touching. These are the people who prefer a literal interpretation of an ancient book of mythology over science. They come right out and say that they are against civil rights for certain people. They want to change our constitution to reflect their extremist beliefs. Oh, but at least they don't want to give people socialized healthcare and the hate those Muslims and libruls, so of course you'd think they're just a swell bunch of normal Americans. Afghanistan under the Taliban is the perfect example of a country where their religious right took over. Oh, but I guess that's better than big bad socialist Europe, right?

  7. Aurora, I neither support the religious right nor do I fear them.

    It is fear that mutes the voice of the populace. The only efecctive way to oppose the extreme fundamentalism of Falwell and his ilk or the extreme secularism of Murray-O'Hair is to speak and exercise the political rights endowed an individual.


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