Friday, February 08, 2008

Go to In Bruges

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Off the beaten path here, but being in Hollywood, I get to see movies before they are released. Last night, I saw the movie, In Bruges.

In 1993, I traveled briefly in Belgium, where the European Parliament sits. The characters of the movie are traveling to Bruges, Belgium for darker reasons.

Colin Farrell (of Phone Booth) and Brenden Gleeson (of 28 Days Later) play the assassins who are in Bruges because of a botched job in Ireland. Ken (Gleeson) is spending the time taking in the sights. While Ray (Farrell) is bored in the museum like town. They discover a movie being filmed there. There is a love story, a drug story, a skin head, and an obsession with midgets that tie the film together.

Ken and Ray's boss, Harry (Ray Fiennes of Strange Days) also comes to Bruges to follow up on a mission that Ken was supposed to do.

Hidden in the story is a tale of Old European Christian Redemption. No one is ever free of their earlier crimes but they learn to take responsibility for their beliefs. Ray learns his; Ken is comfortable in his past and Harry's is the most surprising of all.

If In Bruges comes to your town, give it a couple of hours.


  1. JSF, on your recommendation, I may check that out. I haven't watched any movies or TV for about a year and my next two hours is devoted to Blade Runner, director's cut, which I've heard is brilliant. I've been a bit disappointed with Hollywood lately, to say the least. I walked out of Constantine. I had no idea what it was and a friend had talked me into going. We had a child with us. I thought it was a historical movie about the emperor Constantine. You've never seen anyone get out of a place so fast with our hands over the child's eyes all the way.
    There aren't any screaming, frothing at the mouth people in the early scenes are there? j/k

  2. Aurora,

    I read the comic Constentine and Hollywood messed it up (the character was actually darker); Blade Runner rocks -- enjoy it.

    In In Bruges, there are no screaming, frothing characters. It does venture to the bohemian side in the middle (remember Ray is played by Colin Farrell), but watch it fully and you can see the hidden meaning there.


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