Saturday, February 23, 2008

Groovin' with the Whovians

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If you read this Blog long enough, you will find my interests all connect. Wilsonianism as a weapon against Terrorism, Politics, Policy, Economics, History (American and Ancient Rome), Marvel Comics, Eugene Delacroix and of course.....

....Doctor Who. I first saw this show on WPIX (11) in New York. Before I read The Economist or watched the Prime Minister's Questions on C-Span, I was hooked on Who.

My first episode? Horror at Fang Rock.
The first Doctor? Tom Baker.
Favorite Episode of the Old Series? Genesis of the Daleks
Favorite Episode of the New Series? The Sound of Drums

Last weekend, I went to a Gallifrey One Convention (Gallifrey is the name of the Planet of the Time Lords) at the LAX Marriott.

However, some issues regarding the convention:

1) Bring Tom Baker to the States. Many of us "Old School" fans were brought in on his scarf. Huh? Watch the early stuff.

2) It's 2008. It's an Election Year. The New Series put The Master as Prime Minister of England and no panels on Harold Saxon?! For shame! The antics that could have ensued.

3) Russell Davies is political. So was the old show. But the Old show emphasized Queen and Country (It is a British show after all) with a touch of British Internationalism (UNIT anyone?). But, the Doctor was never partisan or issue oriented. Save the world. Have some Jelly babies. Bring that back. And these arguments come from folks who oppose my politics.

And a final note: If you must travel down the Westside, and the 405 is stopped, and Sepulveda pass is slow, find a TARDIS.

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  1. JSF, I never managed to get into Dr. Who, but your mention of WPIX reminds me of something fun from my childhood and I wonder if you remember this too... During the afterschool cartoons, they used to have this game kids could call in and there would be spaceships on the screen and the kid calling would have to say "PIX" to shoot the spaceships. If they hit enough, they'd win a prize. In the Atari age, that was about the coolest thing ever!


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