Monday, February 04, 2008

Shameless Plug for Links

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While I have been busy writing my two books (Non-fiction and fiction), I notice on technocrati, my links are going down.

So, a quick advertisement for the Valley:

What other Blog has a Joint Left-Right take on the Election?

What other Blog can tell you about Hollywood and DC? And talk about the Conservatives and Republicans left out of both equations?

What other Blog holds the Democrats and Liberals to their words?

What other Blog can you find Art and Business with a sense for both?

So, if you have a blog, Consider linking to the Valley of the Shadow.

And if you are a reader, consider subscribing.

Thank you. More election news coverage tomorrow.


  1. JSF, I think I have the solution to both of our dwindling readerships... PORN!

  2. erm...OK Jason. If it works for you...
    JSF, you certainly are unique. I find you a very calm and balanced person in your assessments. Actually this little ad of yours was a pretty good definition of where you're coming from. Most people have a particular angle and this explains yours nicely.

  3. You got it, JSF! Come on over and check it out!

  4. Oh Aurora, don't even deny that it works for you too. It's you buttoned down social conservative types who are the freakiest behind closed doors, and I think you're one seriously kinky lady. The obvious guess would be that you are a hardcore dominatrix, but that's just because of your bloodthirsty gunslinging bravado in writing. I bet you like to turn those tables in the bedroom. I bet you like to dress like a hooded Abu Ghraib prisoner while your lover flogs you with electrical wires and finds creative places to put the army issue glowsticks.


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