Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Voted, did you?

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I voted in Burbank today for Governor Mitt Romney. Did you vote today?

Who did you vote for and why?

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  1. JSF, I didn't vote today, and here's why...
    1) I moved this year and hadn't registered in my new town.

    2) I didn't think it would really matter because as I refuse to choose one evil party over the other, I didn't think I'd be able to vote in the lesser evil's primary (though I found out too late that I could).

    When my wife called me up to remind me to feel bad about not voting today, I told her that we only have to feel badly if Obama loses by 2 votes.

    So on a completely personal level (that means no pragmatic political answers allowed here), how did it feel to pull the lever for a guy who believes in magic underwear that will protect him from evil?

  2. Jason,

    I think the "magic underwear" issue is trite, like Kerry's "Magic hat,"

    I'm sure they make good stories, but they don't affect my vote. I went on the fact, even though I voted for McCain in 2000, the McCain I would vote for today was not the same McCain.

    As you would not vote for a Senator Liberman 2006 version, I woulddn't vote McCain 2008 model --both have gone against the orthodoxies of both their political faiths.

  3. I voted today, but not for a candidate. I am non-partisan ballot voter in primaries and the republican ballot wasn't available to me. I refuse to vote for any of the Democrat candidates, I don't know if I could live with myself if I did. If I could have, Romney would have been my choice.

  4. JSF, I'm not looking for a political answer, but on a personal level. John Kerry having a lucky hat is not the same as a deep religious belief in holy freakin' underwear. Isn't there even a small part of you that has nothing to do with partisan politics that finds believing in magical freakin' underwear the slightest bit weird?

    My problems with Lieberman were not so much as going against the party but in the substance of the issues he went against the party on. For all intents and purposes, the guy is on your side. Why on earth would I support that? I'm not buying this whole "maverick" thing with McCain. Outside of campaign finance and immigration, he's with you guys on every single issue. And besides, according to you the democrats were incredibly evil for being against Lieberman.

  5. Unfortunately I cannot vote until 4March. As an independent I am eligible to vote on either party.

    Yet I find myself asking which of the candidates is the least of evils


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