Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feeling under the weather....

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Just came from the Doctor. Bad case of the Flu. Will be resting. Posting this weekend (and also catch up on the Primaries).

(Cough, Cough)

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  1. JSF, I don't know LA too well, but I'm sure there's a deli somewhere down there that makes a mean bowl of Jewish penicillin. Between that, Airborne, Emergen-C and thera-flu, you should be able to at least get past enough of the symptoms to function enough to catch up on some quality movie watching.

  2. JSF, be well and take care of yourself. Here's my home remedy:
    one squeezed lemon (has to be a real lemon), a generous tablespoon of honey, a good dash of whiskey and hot water. You'll be feeling great in no time after one of those, but you'll be wanting a second in no time.

  3. I hope you are improving and regaining your form. I have a good remedy cranberry juice, ice, and sprite blended together is soothing for the throat.

  4. Thanks all! It was a flu virus that got around and knocked everybody out. I will keep all the remedies for the next time I am up sick.

    Thank you all!


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