Friday, February 08, 2008

How to debate a Republican in Hollywood

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On Wednesday, I got into a debate (closer to an argument) by a guy at work I'll call Artist Glenn. He is a Liberal Democrat. Like most Liberal Democrats in the Hollywood community, he doesn't know any Conservatives or Republicans.

I used to be a Liberal Democrat. Now, I am a Conservative Republican with a Liberterian streak. When I debate with Jason, I usually know where he is coming from. Occaisionally, he surprises me by knowing where my debate points are from and agreeing with me.

When Artist Glenn debates, he starts with the idea, "All Conservatives are bad," and the assumption "Nothing good has ever come from Republicans," Fine. Okay. But how do you expect me to agree with your arguments when you won't concede any positive points on my side.

As we got close to Super Tuesday, I was going to all the different studios: MGM in Century City, Universal in Universal City, Disney in Burbank, etc. I noticed a trend. Most staff and Below the Line people tended Republican or Right leaning. Those that weren't, leaned Conservative Democrat. It is the Executives who lecture and hector who have the funds to remain in the Liberal Democrat column.

This trend is found all over town. The WGA Strike brought more folks over to the Republican side. After all, how many people who made less than $150,000/a year made it to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser with the Guest of Honor available? Not the staffs of the Executives or the Above the Line people.

So, Artist Glenn, a hint on how to debate a Republican in Hollywood (or anywhere else).

1) Acknowledge the good that Republican Presidents have done. For instance, Reagan believed in freeing Eastern Germany and the Bloc. He suceeded. Decades later, a Republican President took up the mantle of Wilsonianism and believed the Middle East and Central Asia deserved to be integrated into the world. Dictators and failed states have no place in the 21st Century. That President is President George W. Bush. I will cite good works of LBJ and Bill Clinton; It's your job to say good things about Reagan and George W. Bush.

I make it a point to say three good things about a President in office, whatever the party. I also do it about Presidential candidates of either party. We live in America, we have one President at a time. I am a partisan but I am fair to the non-committed, non partisans (the 60% of Americans who don't do this every year). Other Americans are not the enemy. I will go into more detail on this issue on another post.

2) Notice how open minded the Conservative and Republican is to your views. When examples are cited that contradict your views, take the time to investigate. Dismiss ideas at your peril, that brings out the Authoritarians who feel un-listened to.

3) Debate. Win some, lose some. Maybe find someone to greenlight a story when a Conservative politician is a hero. When was the last time a movie like that occured?

And that is how you debate a Republican in Hollywood.


  1. Anonymous3:45 AM PST

    JSF, you're such a calm, collected moderate that I can't imagine how anyone could take offense at your stance. While I admire the urge to be one united America, I also see the danger in everyone being too centrist and there being no healthy debate. This is the MAIN reason why I can't stand the Left (and also why I find it so hard to imagine you as a Lefty). It seems they're always wanting to shut up the voice of debate. One party politics has always ended up corrupting. Humans crave power and when they get it, they just get greedier and greedier for more, unfortunately.

  2. Aurora, you don't even realize how you are the same exact thing that you rail against. It's kind of funny in both a scary and pathetic way.

  3. I find debate a healthy exercise one that allows for the evolution of the socio-political landscape as Justice Jackson illustrated:

    Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only the
    unanimity of the graveyard.
    Barnette v. West Virginia

    Having said the debates that occur here allow for the genesis of new ideas and thoughts

  4. Hve You Noticed That Most Action Stars In Hollywood Are Republican?


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