Saturday, February 23, 2008

Belated Gametime: The Warm Pacific to the Frozen North

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Welcome back to PNN -- The Political News Network! Due to unclement, unforseen circumstances, we were off the air. Now, smooth sailing till November.

First, the Overview.

Next, Jason's version of the February 19 Primaries.

These contests were:

Hawaii (D only): Obama
Washington (R Only) McCain
Wisconsin: Obama, McCain

And after the 19th there was the contest of the Democrats Abroad (Democrats overseas who vote), and Obama won a majority of that one too.

When Republicans vote overseas, they do it by the State rules they are registered in.

Senator Obama was Hawaii's (The State's first) native son. In Wisconsin, even Ann Althouse endorsed Obama.

Here are some questions as we come closer to Ohio and Texas (March 4):

1) If Hilary Clinton does not win both states, will she continue to fight? Will she overturn the rules in Denver to gain power?

2) When McCain gets the next 273 Delegates to make 1,191, will Huckabee endorse? Or are the Clinton's still calling his shots?

3) Did the NYT think that an article using little to no sources (a journalistic sin, I was taught), would not cause the Conservatives to defend him? Will they use little or no sourced articles to go after Hillary Clinton? If not, then don't give me this "Truth to Power" crap. (That rule applies to CBS, CNN, MSNBC, GQ, Esquire and the Los Angeles Times)

Next: On to Chess' home state of Texas! and O-hi-o!

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  1. The Democratic prrimary will be interesting. The most recent polls commissioned here that were released earlier in the week around Wednesday are showing that Obama has closed the two point gap seperating Clinton and himself. The contest is now a dead heat.

    The results from early voting stats are coming in and in El Paso County 16,000 early ballots were cast which for the County is quite a large number given the terrain, geography, and the distances between cities.

  2. Anonymous1:33 PM PST

    Obama is going to win, JSF. It's been obvious for some time and for no real reason except that there is almost a mass delusion across the nation. Young girls are screaming and crying like he's a celebrity. Halle Berry said she would stoop and pick up paper cups to clear his pathway. You thought you knew what a celeb cult was? You ain't seen nothing yet. The scary thing is, what exactly are his policies? And does it matter any more?

  3. On both sides I would argue that there is an appalling lack of choice regarding candidates.

    Aurora recently you asked if I feared the Religious Right or any other socio-political group. My answer at that time was that I did not, and that position remains unchanged. Having said that however, I feel the need to expand upon my answer, while it is true that I do not fear politicians that does not necessarily indicate that I fear no one and nothing.

    There are in fact individuals of whom I am wary. The individuals I fear are certain individuals that possess a Special Intelligence Gamma (SIG) clearance because, they possess the power to destroy the life of an individual at their leisure.

    I have crossed swords with such men and even though I survived the encounter I did not emerged unscathed. I will only say that it was it was a life altering experience and that only fools or those who are legally incompetent would willingly cross such men without a pressing reason or need.

  4. Aurora, as usual you simply don't get it. The appeal of Obama is that he's not a Clinton or a Bush. The appeal is that he's only had a small time working within the cesspool that is the US government so there's a good chance that he hasn't had a chance to hop in the sac literally or figuratively with too many lobbyists. This country was misguided into electing Bush and insane for re-electing him after seeing how much damage he could do in four short years. America is waking the hell up and I've got to say that this is the most exciting and refreshing moment of US politics that I have ever seen in my lifetime. The fact that somebody like you is so against it makes it all the sweeter!


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