Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gametime: The Wet Quintet and the Two Time Bombs

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Here is Jason's view of this weekend's events.

Why 'Salem's Lot? And why "the Wet Quintet"?

First, follow the path of the Primaries and Caucuses. Here is the roundup.

Kansas (R only): Huckabee
Louisiana: Huckabee and Senator Obama.
Nebraska (D Only): Obama
Washington: McCain and Obama
Maine (D Only): Obama

Kansas and Nebraska are in "Tornado Alley"; Washington has cold rains from Canada and Louisiana has the Southern rains from the Gulf Coast and Maine has the wet New England weather by the fall. Thus, "The Wet Quintet"

Obama swept the Democartic races and Huckabee kept McCain on his toes. There will be a more detailed analysis after "The Beltway Primary."

'Salem's Lot was a fictional town in Maine, state of the last caucus, written by Stephen King. In 'Salem's Lot were two time bombs: the desolation of the town spiritually and the coming of the vampire, Barlow.

Given the current status of the Presidential Election, the Democrats have two time bombs to deal with. I won't presuppose an answer. Just think on this: Will Governor Dean work on these before the Convention to the detriment of both candidates or will it come together before the summer with only one candidate unhappy (as well as their supporters)?

Time Bomb 1: The Super-Delegates. Senator Clinton is using Chelsea and President Bill Clinton to lobby for their votes. What if the regular voters choose Obama (as they did this weekend)? Will the Super-delegates follow?

Time Bomb 2: The Invisible Primaries -- Florida and Michigan. If it is a tie by the Convention, who chooses the Delegates from these states? Will Governor Dean offer a do over?

I won't emphasize that Democrats are blocking their own people from voting in the latter or might overturn their own voters in the former. But it is truly a conundrum. How do you see the Democrats resolving these issues?

Next stop: The Beltway Primary!

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  1. The "Beltway Primary"!! That has a great ring to it.

    I do think Obama's got the momentum, so those superdelegates might be HRC's only chance. Talk about a reply of 2000, and the recounts, etc. This year may make Bush v. Gore look like peanuts!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, JSF!!


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