Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gametime:Super Bowl, Super Tuesday, Super Duper!

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First, read Jason's view of Super Tuesday.

There are a multitude of results. Read them here.

On Super Sunday, the New York Giants scored a win in the last two minutes of the Super Bowl (I was in Sonny McLean's in Santa Monica during the game -- A Boston expat bar), it was expected that some candidate might pull out a surprise.

Now the breakdowns. First, the Democrats:

With Senator Edwards out, it is a race between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton. Something to remember: Edwards has not endorsed anyone; Clinton built a political machine and Obama has the beginings of a movement. All three of these factors have led the Democrats to the greatest of problems:

A tie between Obama and Clinton.

Now the Republicans:

After all the hemming and hawing of the pundits, the Republicans were true to form. After an incumbent President, the GOP always nominates the next in line.

Remember: Senator Dole lost against President George HW Bush in 1988, than in 1996, it was Dole's turn. In 2000, Senator McCain went against the son. Now that the son's term is up, the Republicans coalesced with the next in line: Senator McCain.

Also helping out McCain was Governor Huckabee (the Clinton creation); They negotiated to keep Romney from winning in West Virginia. Unless there is an upset in the next few weeks, Senator McCain will win a majority of delegates for 2008.

Next stop: Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana!


  1. Anonymous10:11 PM PST

    "Now that the son's term is up, the Republicans coalesced with the next in line: Senator McCain."

    Talk about a colossal misstatement; the Republican hierarchy is fighting tooth and nail to stop McCain -- it's the PUBLIC who wants him in!

  2. Whym,

    If you read a little lower, you would see I voted for Romney and why I worry about a McCain candidicy (i.e. replay of 1996).

    Even Hugh Hewitt and Laura Ingrahm, after standing in McCain's way, is looking at the numbers.

    The Conservatives still oppose him; But the Republican establishment has backed McCain. Therein lies the problem.

  3. Now there are Damocles on both sides since, Romney has suspended his campaign. In retaining his delegates he has two choices.

    1. If he gives his endorsement to McCain, and the majority of his delegates agree to follow his example McCain's lead will become nearly insurmountable.

    2. If he gives his endorsemen to Huckabee and his delegates decide to switch to Huckabee it will result in the primaries in March and will be hard fought because, it narrows the distance between McCain and Huckabee


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