Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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Originally, I was going to write on the WGA strike, but I am holding off until January 22 when Nikki Finke returns. She is the best person writing on the strike, I want my words to get to her than. Those waiting for that post, keep reading the Valley. Hollywood is always next door.

Other subjects:

1) Waiting on some more memory for the Laptop and I'm still learning how to use the wi-fi. However, the non-fiction book has begun. It is titled: Messages from the Valley. After the Introduction (I already did Title and Table of Contents pages), I will jump into the Prologue and First chapter of my fiction novel (still untitled).

2) Why the attacks last year on the Heathlander? Something I learned when I was a Democrat in NYC. You are who you are with. The Heathlander supports Hamas; The Heathlander writes for the Daily Kos. The Daily Kos supports Democrats. Thus, do the Democrats support Hamas? If they decry him, then the conclusion is no. If they say nothing, then yes, they support Hamas.

I recommend every Conservative Blogger finds a Bete Noire Blogger from The Daily Kos, MyDD, Huffington Post and study them and ask for Democrats to own up to their words. These are Democrats who cannot leave their "Rhetoric on the floor,"

But also find a Liberal Blogger that you can talk to, they are out there.

3) Here is a video I hope you enjoy. The Star Spangled Banner on the Mega-Zeppelin on July 4th in the movie, Southland Tales.


  1. JSF, how's that Heathlander feud been going for you? What has it accomplished? Should you be forced to own up to the words of every last nutjob on Free Republic. After all, those guys support all sorts of death to people on my side, they post at Free Republic, and Free republic supports republicans.

    Or is it possible that all of this bickering over words typed on computers is nothing more than masturbation? Whenever you do this, I'm embarrassed for you.

  2. Jason,

    I haven't gone after him for a while. This isn't a post about that -- just why I did so.

    Again, it always comes down to, a Republican is always asked to eat their words, but no Democrat has. The Heathlander was the example I tried to prove that the Daily Kos people are not all Saints (if you read Newsweek, Time, et. al).

    C'mon, backing Hamas?! Where is Kos to say "supporting terrorists who kill innocent civilians is wrong?"

  3. JSF, as I have tried to explain numerous times, both sides have their lunatic fringes. If we wasted our time with them, what would ever get done? There have been plenty of examples of democrats who actually matter, I'm talking lawmakers not some blogger, who have said the wrong thing and the republicans swarmed on them over it. John Kerry didn't even try running for president this year because of something like that. And when it comes down to it, it's all just a battle of words that accomplished absolutely nothing.

    On the other hand right now we've got a former republican congressman who got caught actually funding al freakin' Quaeda which I would think is a lot more serious than some dude with a blog typing sympathetic things about Hamas. Which one of those is going to kill more people, words or funding?

  4. "I recommend every Conservative Blogger finds a Bete Noire Blogger..."

    I do it, Joseph, in my Blog Watch series. We need to keep our eyes on them, that's for sure.

  5. Donald, you don't seriously think our real plots against you are done out in the open, do you? Our blogs are just a diversion to keep you distracted while we meet in secret and plot to drug your kids, have kinky sex with your wives, kick your dogs, burn down your churches and take all your money away to give to the poor.

    But seriously, what exactly do you accomplish by keeping your eyes on us? We say things you disagree with, oh no! We even sometimes make jokes at your expense. I guess I shouldn't complain too much. The time you waste keeping tabs on the words of those you disagree with is time that you might otherwise be spending on actions to further your agenda.


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