Thursday, January 10, 2008

Unanswered Questions: Hate Speech and Democrats

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I published this post earlier this week, but the election got in the way, I will discuss it more at the bottom......

It seems the longer things change, the more they remain the same. If you read George Orwell's book, 1984, the Party [INGSOC] always called a Two Minute Hate. Today's Democrats, when they are not supporting Hamas, Hugo Chavez or President Ahmadinijad over President Bush spend much, too much time hating him and hating Republicans.

This post written by a lonely Professor (with two cats) dreams of an America without Republicans. And it is then called "a satire,"

On the Huffington Post, this post called for a Military Coup D'etat by the Joint Chiefs against President Bush. Also, dismissed as "a joke,"

Nicholson Baker wrote a book called "Checkpoint" about two men discussing assassination attempts on President Bush. Also dismissed.

Then, last year was a movie: Death of a President.

Or how about these books?
* I Hate George W. Bush Reader by Clint Willis;
* I Hate Republicans by Clint Willis;
* The Bush Haters Handbook by Jack Huberman;
* The GOP Haters Handbook by Jack Huberman

Hate Speech is defined: (n) Bigoted speech attacking or disparaging a social or ethnic group or a member of such a group.

What I don't get is all these "jokes" that call for the death of Americans have the same political view I have. What I don't seem to see, is how "Hate Speech" is legitimised for Democrats, but anathema for Republicans.

Can some Democrat please explain to me how all those links above are funny? Can some Liberal show me how rooting for other leaders other than your own leads to "Bi-partisanship?"

I will leave with a joke: What if Global Warming was real and drowned Malibu and Manhattan? There would be a lot less Democratic voters on the rolls. Ha ha.
I hope you read all the links. This answers I want should be found between all my readers in the Valley. The question is, what can be done to end the Hate in the Democratic Party infrastructure?

The rules are simple, nothing is incumbent on the President doing anything or any Republican doing either-What can the Democrats themselves do to stop this hate speech?


  1. JSF, are you seriously going to keep this bullshit up? What a shocker, people get so wrapped up in politics that they hate each other! And could it only be a one-sided thing? Hell no! Have you read the shit your friend Aurora spews lately? Hate and partisan politics go hand in hand. Check out Free Republic or Democratic Underground or Ron Paul's newsletters or any political talk radio show from either side. What purpose does this ridiculously cherry picked one sided straw man argument serve you other than making me incredibly cranky? Keep this up and there won't be a job for you when I take over the world.

  2. Jason,

    I bring it up because every time a Republican gets in trouble, he has to apologize -- but a Democrat or a Liberal does something worse, there is only the line "It's a joke!"

    Partisan stuff, no problem -- but the posts and books here wish death, coups or just hating. Remember, when a Republican does it, he must be thrown out of the party; But if a democrat does it, nothing happens.

    How does Hating the other side get any Government work done? Because Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi "hate" President Bush, no deal occured on SCHIP or drawing down troops. There is blowback.

    As far as taking over the world, I've started that when I was in High School -- Good luck. :}

  3. JSF, you're boring me to tears with this one sided cherry picking bullshit. None of it matters. There are people dying in Iraq and partisan vitriol is so important that you had to post about it TWICE? Give me a break. I refuse to legitimize this complete and total waste of time and bandwidth.

    But if you're going to post examples of "hate speech," might I enter for your consideration a little version of The Aristocrats that I wrote under pseudonym a couple years ago?

  4. Jason,

    I bring it up now because I will bring it up again in October. As long as folks on your side wish for folks on my side to die; or wish for my public officials to be taken away by a coup or any publish books that cite how good it is to Hate Republicans, this will be an issue.

    It can be discussed in January and solutions can be found or we can discuss in late October -- your call (and there will be a lot more books and links to highlight).

    You might not agree it is an issue, but until I see someone chastise a Democrat for wishing me dead, it is an issue for me.

  5. JSF, I don't think anyone, not even Heathlander after all of your harassment of him, wishes you personally dead. Partisanship gets ugly. You should know that. And plenty of hurtful and nasty things are said on both sides. That's the thing about free speech. You're going to hear a bunch of stuff that you don't like. Shouldn't you be more concerned with ACTIONS than WORDS? Somebody wishing death upon people they disagree with is small potatoes compared to people who actually kill people who they disagree with, and there's plenty of that going on in the world. And if you find liberals and their PC Police antics annoying (even I find the whole PC thing to be an incredible embarrassment to my side), then why on earth would you engage in similar tactics?

    But anyway, we can go back and forth all day on this and nobody's mind will have changed. What I really want to know is if you read my version of The Aristocrats. It's quite filthy, but I'm very proud of it.

  6. JSF,

    The hate speech of which you speak has existed since the founding of the Republic.

    Consider the following cases:

    1. The Gazette of the United States;

    2. The National Gazette;

    3. The Aurora General Advertiser;

    4. The National Intelligencer.

    Each of these newspapers were partisan in nature and engaged in vitrolic attacks against opponents.

    Also, consider the campaigns culminating in the Elections of 1796, 1800, 1824 and 1828. the speeches and campaign material included some of the most vituperant in the History of the Republic.

    I would argue that hate Speech is one of the things inherent in the political process and if it is not inherent it is at the very least endemic to the process.

  7. Chess, I think that JSF probably knows exactly what you're saying but he's playing one of his silly partisan games here.

  8. This is because Liberals ONLY support what liberals agree with. Hate speech isn't hate speech as long as at least one liberal finds it to be agreeable. Good luck getting anyone to admit this though

  9. Malcot.

    I agree I doubt Liberals would admit it. Although, I also believe the converse holds true that Hate speech used ny Conservatives isn't hate speech as long as at least one conservative finds it to be agreeable.

    There is one thing that both loathe more than they hate each other during an election and that is Independents

    The evidence can be inferred from the reelection of Senator Lieberman in2006 after a fierce challenge from Ned Lamont.

  10. Chess, it looks like you and I are the only ones here who are even the slightest bit rational about this topic. It's a shame that partisans have to get so wrapped up in their partisanship that they see only a limited part of the bigger picture that tells them exactly what they want to see.

    But where's Aurora? The icing on the cake of this thread would be one of her ironically hate filled rants about how the big bad liberals are such hate mongers.

  11. Anonymous3:32 AM PST

    Jason, nice to see you miss me so much, dear. But I can't believe you've been dropping by my blog without saying hello. How could you?
    Yes, I completely agree. You and Chess are the only ones here even the slightest bit rational. It must be so. You're both Leftists.

    JSF, looks like you stirred up the natives a tad. ;)

  12. Aurora, why on earth would I stop by your blog? I get my fill of crazy listening to Howard Stern and all those reality TV shows my wife watches. Your ridiculous rants against the big bad left definitely come from an unhinged mind, but you can't seriously compete with angry midgets, people with vomit fetishes, porn stars going through drug rehab, and z-list washed up celbrities and the skanks who compete to date them.

  13. Aurora,

    I am not leftist I am registered Independent in the mould of Senators Lieberman, Jeffords, Sanders, former Senators Harry Flood Byrd Jr., Richard Shelby, Ben Campbell and Zell Miller,

  14. Chess, as far as that wingnut is concerned if you're not a die hard neoconservative republican, you might as well be a Sandinista.

  15. Anonymous6:32 PM PST

    Jason, ooh, owch, such invectives. There's no need to be hurtful. But I understand. Apparently the left suffers with more depression etc. according to a survey released a month or two ago and therefore you need to let it all out.
    But don't let the guilt get to you! I wouldn't want you to feel guilty over your indulgence in what could be classed as hate speech...then again maybe not. The definition of 'hate speech' is usually conservatives actually voicing opinion.
    Chessnovice, actually I quite like Lieberman, despite his ignominious beginnings. Glad to see you have some independent thought going on. I thought if Jason recommended you, you would have to be far left. He's known you longer than I have. Please accept my apologies.

  16. Jason, Aurora, Chess, Malcot,

    I'm glad we are all here. The fine line I bring up in this post is how wishing Republicans (elected and non) harm, ill or their elected representatives harm or worse, is a line that shouldn't be crossed.

    Is it too much to find a solution? During the Tip O'Neill years in the House, there was a rule. Rhetoric would be kept on the House floor -- they would be nice to their opposites (more executive than legislative, hence the rise of Newt) after hours.

    And surprise! Business got done. Pelosi's Democart's and Kos' and all the rest who have written these works above forgot to leave their "Rhetoric on the floor,"

    It shouldn't take a Democartic win for these words above to be condemned.

  17. >I am not leftist I am registered Independent

    Isn't this mixing up ideology with party?

    What does your party membership have to do with your general ideology?

  18. Vince,

    Not necessarily because, it depends largely on point of view because, there exist examples of Centrists being called Independents when it comes to being in the no mans land that exists between the two parties

    There are several exanples that come to mind

    1. Oliver W. Holmes Jr.

    2. Joseph Story

    3. Stephen J. Field

    4. Louis D. B randeis

    5. Learned Hand

    For the purposes of clarification I am not a leftist because, my outlook/worldview is not patently liberal socially democratic, socialistic, or communistic in nature.

  19. Aurora, let's clarify something. I don't think all conservatives are crazy. I think YOU are crazy. It is quite clear from your writing that you are far beyond simply partisan. The black and white way you see things, the level and irrationality of the vitriol against those who you so much as think might disagree with you and your ridiculous excuses for that vitriol are classic indicators of extremism and sociopathic tendencies. You kind of sound like bin Laden. But who knows, perhaps if you were on a reality show spewing your ridiculousness to Flavor Flav all drunk with your thong hanging out you might at least be entertaining instead of kind of scary and laughable.

  20. Anonymous7:14 PM PST

    That's me, Bin Laden, drunk with my thong hanging out.
    Jason, I think you've been watching too many reality shows.
    JSF, unfortunately your voice of reason seems to have fallen upon deaf ears here.
    Jason and I have a little in common though; he finds me 'scary and laughable' (heh) whilst I find him a matter of fact, I've had my chuckle for the day...LOL
    Chess Novice, actually I admire the fact that you've had the guts to go out from under the umbrella of a major party and do it on your own whatever your political bent. That takes a bit of independence of spirit. Good for you.

  21. Well Aurora, I sure didn't expect you to agree with my assessment of you. Extremists rarely consider themselves to be extremists. Or are you trying to tell me that you're not really an extremist but just play one on the internet? Either way, your extremist rhetoric would be far more digestible to regular people if it included some drunk and slutty antics.

    But you are right, I do watch too many reality shows. I learned a long time ago that it's not worth arguing with my wife on what to watch. I prefer shows that take a little more creativity and talent than getting a bunch of idiots drunk and turning on a camera. Last night I got to watch about 15 minutes of Olbermann and I was in heaven.


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