Sunday, October 02, 2011

October 2011 Tip Jar (with a Twist of Gothy Goodness!)

Hello October!

This is the month before the year before Election 2012. 

As a Goth, this is my favorite month; As a Politico, this is the month before the voters choose.  All hail autumn! 

Since this is the beginning of the month, please hit the Tip Jar.  This month the number is (as always) $300.  Please hit the Tip jar for $300.  Thank you.

This month is the musician Tori Amos.  It's not that she sings Goth, but she was an inspiration for Neil Gaiman's Death in the Sandman series.  She has played the role of Muse to a great writer, so to this Goth, she remains a Muse and earns the role for this month.  (Yes, she is also a Muse for me as well)

And now, enjoy the pictures. 

Tori Amos' Album
Tori Amos performing 
The Artist amd Muse, in repose
Live in 2009

And finally, the art she inspired.  Meet Death from the Sandman:
Tori Amos on the Cover (as Death)
And again:


Please buy her albums, support her charity, RAINN (for sexually abused women and children) and please hit the Tip Jar!

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