Friday, September 30, 2011

Visions from a Nightshade: Pics from LA's Goth Scene

While I play in the Political realm, I dance in the Gothic one.

There is some cool music and beautiful Muses.  Here are some of those pictures, with an adjoining song to dance to:

Corvus Corax -- Filli Neidhardi

Janeen and I

Jeffery and Denise  (lucky guy!)

When you come to the Monte Cristo, say Hi to Ruben. He takes care of your car. (Tip him good!)
Francine and I

Ash and I

Veronica and I (Right in the Dark rises!)

Welcome to the Pleasuredome!

Charly, of the band Many of Odd Nature (Sign them!) and I

My best friend Ron. Southern Gentleman and Class Act

My favorite Muse, Carrie and I.

Hel and me

Three toughest guys in the Monte Cristo: Jeff, Dan and Ron 

You never know who you'll see in the LA scene!
Viktor from Vegas at Bar Sin
Janeen and I at the Parking lot

If you come down to Ruin or Malediction, find me here.

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