Thursday, September 15, 2011

Forest Hills is the Senator Wofford of the Obama Administration

NY-9 or my old hometown of Forest Hills and Rego Park.

This is a Bellweather on the way to Election 2012.  Why?

NY-9 has been represented by Democrats since 1923!  1923! Where were you in 1923?

The Queens County Machine is dying;  if possible, it is time for the Democratic youth to step up and rebel.  How much longer will those three generations back run things?  (Don't believe look at the ages of Democratic Chairmen in the House -- the Senate, the Democratic Chairman are older).

Between a jobs speech with no bill (It would have been much better if President Obama would have said "Sign THIS Bill,"  Again, we have to guess whats in it) and unemployment rates stagnant, 2012 is soon to be a replay of 1992.  

Senator Wofford (D-PA)

So, who was Senator Wofford?  The year before President Clinton and the Democrats won a large population in the Congress, the Pennsylvania Senate race of 1991 was looked upon as a bell weather.

Ironically enough, Wofford lost his seat to Senator Santorum in the Republican Revival of 1994

History repeats for those who forget.  And all that is left is to choose a champion against President Obama for 2012.  

My question: Who will win the Presidency and how many seats will Republicans win in the House and Senate in 2012?

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