Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doctor Who -- Power of Kroll

It's Saturday night.  While I am Gothing, you can watch Doctor Who!

This week's episode is called the Power of Kroll, the fifth part of the Key to Time series.

This story is what makes Who not just a children's program in the UK, but one for adults as well.  The question of local tribes vs a Methane refinery (maybe they should have gone with pigs from Bartertown) is something that occurs with environmentalists today.

Oh, and K-9's voice walks and talks here.  See if you can find him! 

Now, tonight at Ruin, it is the beginning of Right in the Dark.  If you want to see the birth of a new Republican group, be there (and also, if you want to be around pretty Muses and great tunes, do the same)

Here are some posts to look forward to this week:

A) The Long GOP majority -- I have time now to re-boot this;

B) If Democrats can't pass Appropriation Bills (since 2007!), why should they be re-elected?

C) How one bad person can define the Democrats (as it seems to happen on the Right -- turnabout is fair play folks!).

D) Is Civil War, part 2, coming in 2012? 

And now, enjoy The Power of Kroll!

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