Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Open Letter to Chairman John Deasy, LAUSD: Part 2

Dear Chairman Deasy:

Again, I heard my Mom upset on the phone and again, I'm reaching out to you. I write, again, to see if your actions will match your words

Last time, you tried to blame the personnel commission on the CSEA, my Mom's union.  The truth is, the union has no control over the personnel commission.  

I have contact Espie Medellin, CSEA Chair for Los Angeles,  in regards to helping my Mom --it falls to you and you alone to help her. Don't be a bureaucrat, be a leader and help my Mom

You are hiring many, many chiefs and spreading the Indians around the basin with no rhyme or reason.  My Mom has no vehicle, and getting to San Pedro is an insane trip with or without a car.  Driving down Wilshire, 6th Street and Olympic, there are many schools where my Mom can work (and she works very hard). 

You have the power to fix this, so make my Mom's job easier.

Keep her close and keep her full time.

Also, you are getting rid of Office technicians.  The teachers have to teach; the students have to learn -- do you want the teachers to do Administration work too?  If so, my candidates will loooove to campaign against that.  And you.

I don''t threaten, I just publicize the truth as I see it, to my friends and allies.

This weekend is the CRP Fall Convention.  There will be many candidates and politicos in town and I can tell them the tale of the unresponsive bureaucrat named Chairman John Deasy and how he treats the secretarial staff, or the story I tell is how Dr. Deasy is willing to work across party lines to make things right (Hint: dropping Meg Whitman's name does not help your cause with me). 

So, again I ask, please help my Mom.  Keep her close and full time.  And keep the office staff secure. 

The ball is in your court.

Do you stand up and help? Or do you play the bureaucrat and say "No," 

Let us hope you don't treat your family the way you are treating mine.



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  1. Special education laws are very strict, but somehow lAUSD is breaking them left & right. I actually worked in the same district wnich is so profoundly incompetent and corrupt , welll... I will have to tell you about it sometime. However I suggest you contact the districts special education attorney but before you do, call the state, file their forms and document EVERYTHING.
    All Ieps should be written and accommodated. If you contact meI can give you the dorms for an agency thay eals with reprisals. It is not unusual for admin and even teachers to retelliate against parents who are vigilant about the IEP. There is a site called Www. There is a section for parents and special education ; this lady is compassionate and she knows her stuff. I am an advocate for students , parents and teachers. I reported horrible noncomliance issues in special ed and an abusive teacher. Both situations could have cost a child his or her life. I am bound by law to report abuse. I take my oath to protect kids very seriously. But LAUSD suits have a zero tolerance policy on integrity, so I git rubber roomed on BS and canned,well, nit yet officilly. But if Iwhy should I fight for a jobto. Pwork with the legion of Satan? I can read code and show ya what ya need. Consider yourself luky. For now this is all free.


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