Thursday, September 01, 2011

September 2011 Tip jar (with another Gothy Muse!)

It's the beginning of the month, so the Valley is requesting some Tip Jar love.

This month, I will be reporting from the CAGOP Fall Convention here in the City of Angels on the weekend of the 16 -18. I need some Tip Jar love to help pay for parking and food.  

The number this month is still $300.  Please, please, please hit the Tip Jar for $300.  

Thank you.

And now, as my way of thanks, here are some pictures of the beautiful Rose McGowen.

She is currently starring in the updated Conan movie; Also, you can find her in Robert Rodriguez' Grindhouse films and she starred in the show "Charmed," with Alyssa Milano. 

Please hit the Tip jar and enjoy the pictures! 

Rose McGowen in Maxim (1)

Rose McGowen in Maxim (2) 
Rose McGowen in Doom Generation

At the VMA's 1998


An awesome Gothy actress.  Keep following her career. 

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