Sunday, September 04, 2011

Doctor Who Labor Day Triple Feature 2011

In the dying days of summer, I am taking a break 'til Tuesday. 

Here are some posts to look forward to this week and month:

1)  The Long GOP Majority;
2)  Why the Tea party will outlast President Obama;
3) Los Angeles idiocy with tickets and parking;
4) The Rising Players in Los Angeles (RPLAC and CAGOP);
5) The CAGOP Convention in Los Angeles (and me as delegate/Blogger)
6)  My predictions on Governor Palin and Election 2012;
7) The Media as President Obama's Praetorian Guard; 
8) 1984 by Orwell is a Warning -- not a Guidebook for the Democrats; and
9)  My path to the CAGOP office in Burbank.

And we are skipping the "Key to Time," series this week because it's time for some New Who.

This is the return of the Master series.  We start with Utopia, then the Sound of Drums and end with Last of the Time Lords.  Enjoy!  See you on Tuesday!


The Sound of Drums

Last of the Time Lords

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