Saturday, September 17, 2011

VNN: The Rising Stars of Los Angeles Republican Politics

On the air from the City of Angels and worldwide!

Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush. 

There are many reasons to invest in Los Angeles candidates and activists.  Election 2010 showed that the wall of Democrats can be atacked, now in Election 2012, it can be taken.

The names I am putting forth here were all nominated by someone and are reasons you should invest in LA for the next few cycles.

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First, lets give credit to those who have brought Los Angeles to a fighting stance:

I) Jane Barnett -- Chairwoman and the woman who put RPLAC on Fighting stance;

II) Shawn Steel -- National Committeeman who sees potential in all of our activists, great or small;

III) Gary Aminoff -- Brought the San Fernando Valley into play;

IV) Maureen Johnson & Robert Pederson -- The Westside Instigator and the leader of the Westside GOP.  They fight in a place that has been ignored by many years.  Don't ignore them.

V) Susan Abato -- Valley Instigator and campaign consultant Maximus.  Have her on your side if you want to win a campaign.

Now the rising tide of youth.  If you see them, treat them to some food or drink!

A)  Julie-Anne Kavich: Yankee fan, part of the CYRF's and co-chair of the Westside GOP's

B) Drew Mercy and Sharon Runner: Holding down the fort in the Antelope Valley Central Committees.

(Nominated by Matt Kauble)

C) Samantha Fugitt --  LA Activist who works hard with the CYRF's.

(Nominated by JSF)

D) Merlin Froyd -- Candidate for Congress 2010 and Vice Chair of the SFVRC.  He has a long political future ahead of him.

E) Justin Smith -- Navy Vet and activist in the San Fernando Valley.

(Nominated by Matt Kauble)

F) Joseph Fein -- Blogger at Valley of the Shadow; Actiive in the LA Basin; On the 42nd AD (soon to be 50th) Central Committee and soon to be building an LA GOP Goth group called: Right in the Dark.  Say "Hi" to the guy if you see him.

(Nominated by Val Cymbal)

G) Lillian Cavalieri -- Rising member of the 42nd (AKA 50th AD);  Keep an eye on her.

(Nominated by JSF)

H) Devon Corimer -- Youth outreach and supporter of the Southern California Republican Woman's Federation.

I) Suzette Martinez -- Works with Congressman "Buck" McKeon and is active with the GOP Hispanic Groups.  She is the point person to reaching out to that communitty.

(nominated by Lynn Hauter)

J) Ryan Panzerello -- former Political director who is working with the Kevin James campaign; He backed the Southland Fundraiser so always gets a shout out from the Valley!

K) Adam Abrahms -- LA Representative to the CAGOP; He helped win the case against the "false" RPLAC group and is a Management side union lawyer

L) Felicia Tweedy -- Country girl from the city; She is active around the whole LA Basin and works with multiple candidates and supporters. 

(Nominated by JSF)

OK, support these people and hit the Tip Jar!


  1. Yes, all the people mentioned on your "rising stars" golden globe award list are visible in Los Angeles County working hard to get the word out that Republicans care about you! It is a pleasure to see them working for America's future!


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