Thursday, September 22, 2011

VNN: Final Odds and Ends from the Fall GOP Convention in LA

On the air from the City of Angels, the city of creatives and the city of Palm trees and beautiful women.

Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.

Missing Persons, Walking in LA (live)

Here are some images and final thoughts from this cycle's convention:

My Gothy friend, Veronica on the Straw poll line. (Right in the Dark Rises!)

The Straw Poll line on or about 11:15AM

JSF telling President Lincoln "Be Excellent to Each Other, Dude!"

JSF with Once and Future Candidate Larry Andre

Julie Ann-Kavich, Gary Aminoff and I: He mentors the both of us.

Expensive food at LA Live; Two New Yorkers go with Pizza!

Susan Abato, Maureen Johnson and Gary Aminoff: Meeting Day

Once and Future candidate David Benning (Go David!)
It turns out that the Platform issue was pushed back to Burlingame (Spring Convention 2012).  I will discuss this more throughout the fall.

Two POTUS candidates came to LA, one cheated. The other candidate already established a foothold in California.

They were Rep. Michelle Bachmann, and Rep. Paul (the cheater).  And the foothold candidate? Gov. Perry of TX.

VNN signing off until Burlingame in February!

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