Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why 30 Bloggers are Worth More for the CAGOP then One MSNBC

(Or why Politicians should listen to RS McCain)

Last night, I was at the RPLAC meeting, prepping for the CAGOP Convention.  As a delegate, I am active in supporting my State Party (And I am active within RPLAC Communications committee as well), and as New media, I promote our leaders, candidates and ideas.

The Taking of Jericho by James Tissot

This past week, when MSNBC was at the Reagan Museum, they had no understanding of the our Presidential candidates or the audience.  If a few Bloggers who are active within the Party are excluded for MSNBC, then what message is getting out?

My friend, Robert McCain, is a Blogger (and former reporter) who understands the importance of Party structure and Blogger activism -- heck, it was part of the Southland FundraiserCalifornia, and by default, Los Angeles, is the futureThe future of the Republican Party and the nation, if the CAGOP wants to succeed in getting the message out, is to let in the Bloggers.

He has met many candidates and gone to many districts.  RS echoes Sun Tzu when he (and I) wishes that State parties would not move like a Luxury Liner but a Catamaran.  Here in the Southland, we cannot wait for Sacramento.

However, I am very interested in making sure the CAGOP fights and wins in Election 2012 and beyond.  Put me in, coach. I'm ready to play today.

I am prepped and ready to start my internship in the Magnolia office to help shape the message.  At the convention, I would be promoting the Los Angeles crews and the major points that regular media do not understand.  My question to the CAGOP Communications shop: Will MSNBC ever promote our people? I don't trust them and neither should our media department. 

As new media, we can shape the conversation (see Memorandum if done right) that the Old media has ignored.  I have already explained why Fox news and Rush Limbaugh get their ratings from the ignored and attacked Politicos of the Right, why should we invite those same people who can't even name our County Leaders by their first name?

The Bloggers

The Bloggers on the Right are there as Defence AND Offence (if used correctly). On the chessboard of the Political realm, we Bloggers are the Knights on the board.  We can move quickly, think around corners and hide in plain sight.  A few sympathetic Bloggers in the Media Room can hear what reporters say to themselves.  Alliances can be built and knowing what the "Narrative," is will allow the sympathetic Blogger to tell the "Correct" story.

But it requires the CAGOP to stand up for their allies.  Politics is the Oldest Game -- one of the first rules is "Back your Allies,"  Another is "Get your message out," 

MSNBC will take up space in the media room at the CAGOP convention.  Kick them out and put in the 30 Bloggers who support the CAGOP's goals.  Thank me later.  And if MSNBC has any problem, I'll take them on.

Mr. Chairman, I am ready to fight.  I am ready to do it from the Media Room and the Magnolia office.  Words are my weapons.

My question:  Why have the Establishment not used the Power of the Blogosphere to fight in Elections? The CAGOP can go first....


  1. Isn't it bad enough we treat the liberal media as some sort of "neutral referee" in general election campaigns? It has never made any sense to allow the enemy - and the legacy media, especially outlets like MSNBC, is the communications wing of the Democratic Party - to dictate the terms and participate in the Republican nomination process.

    It is not so much that the GOP needs to bring conservative/Republican bloggers IN as we need to keep the leftist press OUT.

  2. Well said, Joe.

    Quoted from and Linked to at:
    The Burning Bed Of The Right


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