Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brian Williams, Richard Wolffe and Fareed Zakaria: President Obama's Praetorian Guard

Augustus Caesar, as a way of consolidating power and protecting himself,  created the Praetorian Guard. They grew from a Secret Service type organization to eventually descend to sell the power of Rome to the highest bidder. It wasn't until the Reforms of Constantine, that the Praetorian Guard lost power.

Macro (John Rhys-Davies) arrests Sejanus (Patrick Stewart); Both Men, Praetorians

Modern media, from the rise of JFK to the Third Year of the Obama Administration are working to protect the Democratic Administrations from critics and criticism. I have a saying:  

There are no Woodward and Bernsteins during Democratic Party Administrations.

These next characters prove that point.

These three (plus one), Richard Wolffe, Brian Williams and Fareed Zakaria (and of course, Andrew Sullivan) have no understanding of America's two party system. When the media acts like partisans (Hello MSNBC!), we partisans treat them as such.

When has Richard Wolffe ever investigated a Democratic Administration rather then defend it?

Why has Fareed Zakaria despised of the American Government and Constitution when it has worked for Presidents of both parties before President Obama?

Why can't Brian Williams articulate the differences within the Republican Party without depending on Democratic partisans to help?

And why does Andrew Sullivan hate dissent?

The media are the new Praetorians.
Every Democrat in office is JFK reborn, Camelot finally realized.
Every Republican President is Nixon redux -- even when the Republican president takes the Democratic parties foreign policy position (i.e. Bush fils).

The Modern Praetorians continue to destroy Republican Legislators on trumped up scandals, Republican Presidents for speaking to their partisans and Republican candidates for being human with flaws. 

I hope one day the Breitbart crowd (and local partisans who live near these gentlemen) live next door and publish their flaws.

Camelot was a dream, politicians are humans and the Fourth estate is supposed to question everyone in power.

Can anyone remember these gentlemen breaking a scandal when a Democrat is in power?   Are all Democrats saints? Hint: No one is.  We humans are flawed and hypocritical.  If you defend one politicians hypocrisies (Obama not going to Congress for the War Powers Act), I expect the same when a Republican President does it.

That will never happen as long as these gentlemen continue to protect Democratic Presidents. 

Pertinax, killed by Paretorians in 193 AD

In 193 AD, the Praetorians killed Pertinax for his Fiscal Conservatism (sound familiar tea partiers?); Then the Praetorians sold the Caesership to Didus Julianus.  His reign was two months longer then Pertinax. 

Didius Julianus, made Caesar by the Praetorians.

And that was the beginning of the Year of the Five Emperors. 

If the media overrules the public, that is our future. 

To paraphrase Alan Moore, Who watches the watchmen?

Hint, not the Columbia Journalism ReviewIt is run by a former Nation magazine editor so there are  no problems with American media as Praetorian for a Democratic President. In fact, Victor Navasky still fund raises for the Nation.  Where are the cries of "Conflict of Interest?" 

Dead as Pertinax.  

The role of the Fourth estate is not play Macro or Sejanus, but to question everyone, Democrat or Republican in power.  If the words do not match the actions, question them. Investigate. 

I am willing to say that the Fourth estate (as played by Sullivan, Williams, Wolffe, and Zakaria) are willing to bow down before any Democratic Caesar.  In fact, the Fourth estate stopped existing after 2008 so much in thrall they were to Caesar...I mean President Obama. 

What do Republican want with the Fourth Estate?  Stop wishing for Camelot or Watergate; Stop playing Praetorian and treat all candidates the same.  

And also, apologize to Former Governor Palin and the tea parties for treating them both as dirt for opposing Caesar...I mean President Obama. 

And final hint for those four men: I have been at the High Levels within the GOP (local and National). WE DON'T GIVE A F*** ABOUT ANYTHING BUT HIS POLICIES!!!!!  

Any reporter that hung around and knew Republican activists outside the Beltway would know that. 

My question: What do these Gentlemen get by bowing before Caesar Obama?

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