Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saying a Prayer for My Mom

Another reason Blogging has been light this October is because my Mom is having surgery today.

The lead up (and the drama of last week and the many weeks of driving around the city) took up most of my time.

So, say a prayer for my Mom (and hit the Tip Jar too).

Here is a pic of my Mom down in San Pedro

Coolest Mom ever! Wish her well today.

 And here is one of her favorite bands:

The Beatles, Twist and Shout (Live in Shea Stadium)

If you have my email or phone, give me a shout.

I am waiting here at Glendale Adventist.


UPDATE 10:00PM 10/27/11: Before I left Glendale Adventist, I saw the Doctor.  he called my Mom "A trooper," and she's going to be alright. (Yay! And there was much rejoicing!).  I bring her to her home tomorrow so she can rest.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Thanks Rich! Much appreciated.

  2. I did like your mom; all best wishes for her.


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