Tuesday, February 27, 2007

POP #1 (Reboot)

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In the Valley, there are posts known as POP's or Policy or Politics. This is a Gumbo of different issues that occur during the day or week. Politics is not about getting electing (Politics), but about Governing (Policy). Eventually, I hope to work on the Governing side.

Here is the New POP:

1) Global Stock Market dip due to China - Policy - Back during the 1980's, the big worry was about Japan overtaking the American Economy. There were even books written about that fear. Then came the Asian Flu and Recession and Cyberpunk went the way of Woodstock. China is following Japan's lead. I await China's recession.

2) Leftist reaction to Vice President Cheney's survival - Politics -- What is wrong with these people? As an Institutionalist, I believe America needs to support the pillars of our Constitutional Republic. I might not have liked President Clinton's policy or person, or even Speaker Pelosi, but since they won their respective positions, I then wish them well but work on policies supporting my views. But this? The Outer Party of Democrats would rather tear down these Institutions when they don't have them, then be civil. It is time for the Grand Old Men of the Democratic party to bring back civility. God help us if something happens to this current administration, I will blame The Nation and American Prospect magazines.

3) Vice President Gore's Home of Carbon Emissions -- Politics -- The rule for rich democrats is: The rules apply for thee, not for me (i.e. see Kerry)

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  1. Hey there. We're currently engaged in a battle of the blogs. May the best blog win. While we come from the opposite ends of the political spectrum, we have one thing in common. We're both exiled from the Washington Beltway.


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