Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Running towards daylight

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In about 2 weeks, I should have a desktop at home to work with. I am also waiting for my laptop to arrive from the cold Michigan winter. As Phil Collins sang, "Out of the Darkness and into the night," However, I want to discuss a few issues here:

1) The return of the Doha Round? Free trade faltered on the shores of Agricultural subsidies. What issue do you think will bring the parties back? I personally see the Core Group of Countries (as described by Thomas PM Barnett) as a Free Trade zone where products pass through with less paperwork and more profit.

2) Pelosi's Plane. Doesn't this create Global warming? But then, how does Global warming explain snow in Malibu?

3) Also, I am looking for a substitute Blogger for when I am lacking a computer. The job pays only in publishing but I am looking for someone right-of-center to fill in occaisionally. Please email me if interested.

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