Saturday, February 05, 2011

The 100th Birthday of President Ronald Reagan

During President Reagan's tenure, I was a teenage Liberal Democrat.

Long after I switched parties (Summer 1992 in SUNY-Stonybrook), I saw what made Reagan True North for us Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers.

Here is something to be proud of:

President Reagan was the last non-Ivy person elected President. The last time the Democrats (the so-called "party of the people," ) elected a non-Ivy to the Presidency was Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Since then, there has been no non-Ivy Democrats nominated or elected. (Carter went to an elite military school) But if you look at the upcoming 2012 Republican primary, our strongest candidate is a woman who never went to the Ivies. (yes, I support Governor Palin)

On my 39th Birthday, I spent time at the Reagan Museum in preparation for the Southland Fundraiser. 

Here are some speeches by Ronald Reagan that I, in retrospect, enjoyed:

Ronald Reagan, A Time for Choosing;

President Ronald Reagan, First Inaugural Address;

President Ronald Reagan speaking to the UK Parliament about Freedom;

President Reagan on the Middle East (1982)

President Reagan on the Challenger disaster;

President Reagan at the Berlin Wall (1987)

President Reagan Farewell Speech 1/11/1989

What is the sign of a great President?

A President who is willing to sacrifice their popularity for an ideal.  Reagan was one of those.

(also see The Other McCain, GayPatriot, Riehl World View, and Cubachi for a round up of rememberence of this great man)**

**To be linked when their posts are up.....

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