Thursday, February 10, 2011

At the February 2011 RPLAC Meeting

While the cool Bloggers are at CPAC2011, we who are toiling in the Provinces are still plugging away.
Tonight we are hearing from the LA Reigonal Vice Chair nominees. 
7:06PM Adam Abrahms is speaking and leading so far.  Go Adam! He ends with "Do you feel we have moved forward as LA Republicans better then 10 years ago?" Cheers.
7:09PM Linda Boyd, former RPLAC chair, is speaking.  She is also running.  Light boos as she got up to speak. Talks about her former job as RPLAC chair, defends record.  "If I'm elected, we need to get support from other Parties and counties,"  Light clapping.
7:15 Q's for Abrahms and Boyd. 
7:16: Q1: How do we bring more people of color into RPLAC?
         Boyd: My RPLAC Board looked like LA.  Funded HQ in Lemerk park.
         Abrahms: When Prop A - E failed, it was not due to color, it was because people want the same things.  We need to base it on our ideas, not by color.
7:19 Q2: In my district (Boyle Heights area), no outreach yet -- demographics will beat ground team., what will be your plan?
        JB gets in and invites Questioner to office.
        Abrahms: We are in Santa Monica and we register votes.  Everywhere in LA is important.
        Boyd:  LA has been on offense for a long time.  CRP will make decisions over RPLAC.  
7:23  Q3: What will be done to prop up LA County?
         Boyd:  People know me.  We need two positions on Board instead of one, I will know what to do, etc.
          Abrahms: Points to the Boyds for their service.  The questions, do we feel like we're getting enough? I will fight for what I believe is right.  I brought 34 Young Republicans to Burbank for special elections.  I will fight against party for more funds, more volunteers, etc.  (More cheers)
7:27  JB, if you can go to the CAGOP Convo in March, you can decide.
7:20-30: Internal stuf not being talked here.  RPLAC's secratery and Treasurer talk.   
7:31 - 35: Mark Vifiandes, 1st Vice Chair: The role of the Central Committee member.  (Speech)
        "Once Primary is over, support candidate."
7:36- 40: JB giving detail on how RPLAC works.
                "Say it loud and here at RPLAC," Yay Jane! 
7:40-42: JB details about Prop 14.  (Big smile)
7:48: RPLAC has 14 Delegate slots for CAGOP convo. 
8:00 RPLAC splits into smaller committees.  I will be at Communications Committee run by Terry Rathbun.  More news soon.
8:45: RPLAC Convenes again
8:49: Los Angeles County Pacific Palisades Club is now Chartered by RPLAC
8:52: Vote on Endorsing Abrahms for LA Vice Chair.  (By simple majority vote) Motion passes by 19 votes (Yay!)

8:58  Vote on Endorsing Linda Boyd (By simple majority vote) Motion fails by 12

9:12 RPLAC adjourns for February.  See you in March!

**JB stands for the great Chairwoman Jane Barnett of RPLC
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  1. Not sure that all the cool bloggers are at CPAC - some decided to stay home this year, y'know?

  2. Nor sure that quite all of the cool bloggers are at CPAC - some of them decided to stay away, y'know!


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