Saturday, February 19, 2011

Inception Wisconsin Protest Style

Is it deja vu? Or a dream within a dream?

The protests by the Teacher unions (and the professional protesters called up by OFA and President Obama) in Madison, Wisconsin are almost a bad re-play of the Anti-war protests of the Bush years (both Bushes).  Thus, deja vu.

But, there are layers within the protests just like Inception, here is the trailer:

and just like the Internet meme, here is the Inception trailer made for a few movies (before we get back to Wisconsin):

Inception, Star Wars (IV) Trailer;

Inception, Matrix Trailer

Inception, Dark Knight Trailer;

Had fun?  Now, let's go up the Dream Levels (of the real Inception) of the protests:

The Plane)  Budgetary Problems in the States (see this 60 Minutes piece here) and a large shortfall that the NEW WI Governor Scott Walker (who took office on January 3, 2011) must deal with; Here and here are links to the amount some of the Union heads make, hence the debate;

The City)  On this level, there is the fight betwen Public Employee Unions against Private Workers and business'  As the Public Employee Union leadership reflexively supports Democrats, the new Republicans (with a touch of Tea Party Fiscal Displine) argue against the Carte Blanche of the power the State Unions have.  My state, California, will have this battle come 2012 or when the CA declares bankruptcy, whichever comes first.

The Hotel)  This is the season of Budget battles.  President Obama submitted his FY2012 budget into Congress, but as per the rules, Budget and Appropriations (my specialty), starts in the House of Representatives.  What happens in the states will eventually rise to DC. If the Public Employee Unions lose in multiple States, then their bargaining power (and political power) will not be sacrosent anymore.

The Snow Fortress)  If the Public unions lose in a Progressive State like Wisconsin, then it all falls down.  The is the begining of an endgame for public opinion on State unions and Private workers and who gets to have the tax funds. The Tea Parties main (and only true) goal is Government Fiscal (not social) responsibility.  The State unions are part of that gioal of defining Government spending.

Limbo)  This is the first battlespace for the 2012 Election.  If Obama sways the public here, he wins in 2012. 

The kick will occur when the public makes a stand for either side. 

My question: Who wil wake up first? The Public, the Tea partiers or the State Unions?  

Give me the kick!

(h/t Althouse and husband Meade who are on the doorstep to all the news)

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