Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Night POP

Sorry for the small break -- I have been supporting two campaigns for the Primary (and one for the CRP State Convention).  Which campaigns?

and finally:

Support all these three campaigns!

Now, what is POP? 

First a little taste of what is going on a few blocks from here:

Preparing Hollywood and Highland's Kodak Theatre for Oscars 2011

Now, let's POP!

1)  Fires in Libya, the Burning Middle East and North Africa -- Policy --  If the Obama Administration has a definitive foreign Policy, I'm sure it would be in play here.  But there is no Obama Doctrine:  Wilsonianism is despised because Bush fils took that route; Nixonianism is alive and well within the modern Democrats because, in the end, they are more comfortable with dictators then populist uprisings (see: Protests, Tea Party)

2)  Koch Brothers as Emmauel Goldsteins -- Politics -- I keep banging this drum because it's seems truer everyday.  Would the Democrats or their allies ever say, "Hey, maybe people don't like our policies or tactics?" NOPE.  They always need someone to blame; Be it Nixon, Reagan, Bush (fils or pere), Palin or the Koch Brothers.  I've come to the realization that Haters gotta Hate

3)  Snow in the San Fernando Valley -- Overwrought -- Is it Global warming? Climate Change? Or some other name next Tuesday?  Looking at this editorial in the Washington Post (the freaking Washington Post!), all I can say is madness is catching.    

 Let's end with a tune.  The next post is coming soon!

Oingo Boingo, Just Another Day, (Live Halloween '93)

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