Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winning LA the Easy Way: Being a Social Libertarian

I love being in the Goth scene.

And I enjoy working with candidates, Bloggers and Politicos in RPLAC and the CAGOP.

There is an article soon to be in the American Spectator in April (after I go to the CAGOP Spring Convention with Robert McCain in March) published on RPLAC and CAGOP

While there is a lull in the Political season (except in the Upper Midwest, North Africa and the Middle East), let me explain what I mean by Social Libertarianism. 

First of all, I am not a Paulbot (either father or son).  In most issues, I am a simple Conservative.(If you want to read from a cool Libertarian, follow Aaron Proctor's  Blog and Twitter feed), but when it comes to social issues, I don't believe Government (City, State, Federal) should get involved.

But being a professional Politico who understands Politics AND Policy, to get things done within the Republican party and on the Hill, I NEED to work with Social Conservatives.  I don't agree with a lot of their views, and I'm sure some don't follow mine, but being professionals and friends, we find ways to work together. 


But I know what I believe, and my role in politics is to push my vision behind the scenes. 

What issues? Government and mental health (first hand experience), the concept of a William Gibson's Chiba City in a US City as a lead in to the Technological Singularity, supporting the survival of Israel (as a Jew, yeah, that ranks very high on my list) and supporting Democracies over Dictators


Now winning in LA requires a few things: Thinking like an Artist, being available for local issues, having a foot in the Music and TV/Movie Industry and being a Social Liberterian.

For me, the answer to my beliefs lies within the Declaration of Independence,:

Look at the highlighted words: Consent of the Governed occurs after every election.  As long as we have elections, the Republic is in good hands (even if the voters disagree with me.  That means I have to win the debate next time). 

And for this post, the words that matter are: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Or you can watch this video from when I was a kid....
Schoolhouse Rock, Fireworks

In the Goth scene, there are all manner of folk (some NSFW friends but I won't link them here); In Los Angeles, there is West Hollywood, Hollywood and Venice Boardwalk -- you can't win these areas with Social Conservatives.  Sorry, but it's the truth..

There are people who do many different things in Los Angeles on the way to, from or during their jobs. As long as everyone is legal and consenting, what concern is it of the State?    


If you run for office in LA, remember the current City Council (and other City Councils) has legislated against clubs, retsurants, renters and owners.  Not Republicans, Democrats.  Think on that, Valley people.

When I was a Liberal Democrat back in NYC, I was a a Social Liberterian, and now, decades later, as a Conservative Republican, the song remains the same

My question: How far should the State go within people's Social lives?

Update 2/21/11 1:33PM: Linked by the awesome (and sweet) Little Miss Attilla.  Thank you!
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