Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blogging from a Dying Borders in Sherman Oaks

I am a book reader - and when I have little funds, I like hanging and socializing in Book stores.
With Borders Books closing up shop around the country, it means there is one more empty Storefront on Ventura Boulevard (How is that Obamanomics working out for you?).  It started a few years ago with Borders closing first at Santa Monica Promenade.  From the ocean to the Valley, the red tide comes in.
Boo! Hiss!
I love bookstores and the people I meet there are usually able to hold a conversation (sorry this is Los Angeles, conversation is not a skill highly prized out here sometimes).  Also, I enjoy camaraderie of finding people who like reading the same stuff I do. (Political books, History and Biography, sci-fi and Graphic novels)
The lights are dim at the coffee shop on the second floor, prices are slashed for items that are a mess.  There is no rhyme or reason to keep order when even the idea of holding open a store is in doubt. 
Why does Barnes and Noble survive while Borders flounders? There used to multiple bookstores until it was a fight between the last two giants on the Brick and Morter block (Think Octavian and Marc Antony at Actium-- except here Antony won)Barnes and Noble adapted to the new technology, while Borders (from their Progressive beachead in Ann Arbor) looked down upon the new Media and new tech. 
Amazon was the wall that broke down between the two fighters.  New technology speeds as per Moore's Law, infomation travels faster then a book page, the loser laughs at the new tech and pays later.
So, goodbye to an old friend! I enjoyed spending time here and meeting people. 
However, if you want to help me with my Amazon wish list, be my guest.  The sound of turning paper is a great sound. 
My question: Does Borders closing affect you too?
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