Sunday, January 30, 2011

Late January POP in the Valley

Way back in days of yore.....or actually 2006, I came up with the idea of POP -- Politics or policy in the Valley.
Now, in 2011, I am ready to update POP.
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Since I missed some news at the end of this month, here is a quick way to catch up.   Ready to POP?
1)  President Obama's SOTU -- Policy and Politics -- Here is the transcript.  All I have to say is the words sounded good, but let's see what actions President Obama follows up with.  Obama and the Democrats want to kiss up to business NOW on the way to Election 2012.  If you are a businessperson, do you really trust the Democrats after the past two years?
2) Tunisia and Egypt -- People Power or Political Posturing? -- Something not predicted by the big mucky mucks at Davos, the peoples revolution of Tunisia and the revolution in Egypt.  What is happening is something I always argue for -- Nixionian support of Dictators will hurt American foreign policy in the long run, but Wilsonian support of people to live free under Democracies and capitalism (with some rock and roll) should be encouraged.  According to Wikileaks, President George W. Bush funded Democracy movements in Egypt (as did his father in Iraq).  Obama (and Clinton respectively) de-funded these programs. 
Let me conclude with a three points:
A)  This is the triumph of the New Media against the Old Dictators. 
B) If the Muslim Brotherhood takes Egypt, I predict that Israel will re-take the Sinai within six weeks.  
C) And no, the Democrats don't believe in free people.
 3)  Pop tART -- Pop Art -- the beautiful Lenora Claire opened an Art Gallery in Koreatown.  I went and among the Hip and the Cool (and the Drag Queens), I felt neither hip nor cool (nor do I feel the need to dress up in women's clothes unless I am playing Dr. Frank N. Furter on stage).  Cool art gallery, I shall return to see it.  Hip and cool yes, but run by a beautiful redhead, so I will give a review when all the pictures are up.  (Yes, the Valley will promote Lenora Claire this year because it can).
4) Upcoming writings in the Valley -- Posts --  An old professor of mine wrote a book predicting 2012 (and many election before and after), here's a hint: Put your money on Red in 2012.  Another post, how the Left's White Hot hate will keep the Republicans in power for a long, long time.Also, my take on Tea Party, our friends who work in the dark and the folks who dance in the dark.   And finally, I shall return to Doctor Who episodes on the weekends.  Why?  Because Fez's are cool..
5) Helping a Friend get back her Life -- Pro Bono -- My friend Ash had her identity stolen and needs help from a lawyer who can do Pro Bono work.   She needs the legal help to get back her life.  If you know of someone, contact me and I will pass the name along.  Ash is smart, beautiful and intriguing; I hope my readers can help.  Thanks! 
6) Doing Yoga -- Positioning -- My 40 year old body felt pain today in places I didn't even know. It helped get my mind back on track.  So, here I am!
Please keep reading the Valley! 
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