Monday, January 03, 2011

Best Posts of 2010

Before Congress reconvenes, before the political ball bounces across the policy court, now is the time for all good Bloggers to tell of their greatest hits of 2010.....Or at least, that's what I'm going to do.

Last year started off with a Bang! by having the first of many Instalanches and ending with a The Other McCain linkage leading into the New Year.

So, right now, the Valley offers a trip into the Wayback Machine (or a TARDIS) into the best posts of 2010!  If there is an (I) next to the post, that means it was instalanched.

20. Friends over Party Labels -- This post stopped the New York City News Media from harassing my friend Alexandra and her Dad, my former mentor when I was a Democrat.  The Valley wins.

19.  Life, Imitating Southland Tales --  As the argument over Net Neutrality goes forward, it was Director Richard Kelly who predicted the future. 

18.  A Bipartisan Post.... -- This post shows the difference between the partisan and the ideologue.  The partisan shows respect for the President whomever is in office; The ideologue cannot repeat this post when the positions are reversed.  Game, set, match.

16. Senator Brown (R-MA) wins!  -- And I make an early predictions for 2010 and 2012.  The Tea Party birthed it's first victory.

15. The Chilean Miner Rescue -- A happy post.  G-d bless those miners. 

14. America is not Weimar... -- Teaching Democrats opposition to President Obama does not mean Hitler is going to rise in America (You, on the Left, have been saying that since 1964, give it up already!).
      14a. Situational Ethics by the Left on two Coasts -- Continuing the lesson of the Liberals not believing what they shout from the rooftops.  Remember to the Left, Palin is more evil then President Ahmadinijad. 

13.  Spies and Goths; Missile from Mu -- Goths, spies, HP Lovecraft, and the mysterious missile off the coast.  The Light and Dark intertwined. 

12. Bloggers vs. Establishment GOP or Bloggers AS Establishment GOP (i) -- With a touch of Gothiness too!  Keep your eye on this post.  We'll see if JSF starts work for the CRP soon....
       12a. Tribute to Pamela Geller;
The subsection of people, great and small in the Blogosphere.  (of course, with links).

11.  Winning in Los Angeles (1,  2 3)  and the Obamajam in Los Angeles - The first bits are for a book. I was on the ground for the Obamajam in Los Angeles, it was my story that was heard.  To be continued...

10.  Sun Tzu on the Southland Fundraiser and National Elections -- Sun Tzu is a great strategist.  Here are two posts proving that point.
          10a. How the CRP can learn from my friend Charly, and her band, Many of Odd Nature;
          10b. How the RNC should do business;
          10c. The End of the Southland Fundraiser

9.  Fisking 60 Minutes 2010 (1,  2,  3,  45,  6,  7,   8,  9,  101112)
 Keeping on eye on the eye because no one else will!

       9a.   Joe Klein and the idiocy of arrogance(i);
       9b.  Fareed Zakharia, Andrew Sullivan and Helen Thomas are the same;
       9c.  Why Ezra Klein belongs in jail;

 8.  President Obama, his lack of understanding of the Right and FY2011 (i)
      8a.  President Obama's lack of "Grey Men," ;
      8b.  The US Government is fine -- it's the Left that cannot Govern;
      8c.  Senator Obama would not support President Obama;
      8d.  The cries of Civility by Democrats are years late.
      8e.  Rep Rostonkowski and the Old School (i)

7.  Environmentalists = No Jobs

6.  Endorsing Steve Poizner and Carly Fiorina

5.  Zombie Voters ,Vampire attacks and the Greatest 

4.  Why Governor Palin, not Governor Romney will win 2012;

3.  How LADWP will help bring Los Angeles into Republicans hands

2.  Late Night Words of Wisdom at a Goth Club at 3 AM

and finally:

1.  The First Annual Golden Bear and Rotten Orange Awards for LA and CA GOP players

And what do we have to look forward to in 2011? 

My article in the American Spectator is coming up in February, and possibly a job with the CRP.  The valley will be on top of those things.

Also, I will promote my friends bands and will popularize the artiste Lenora Claire

Why? Because I can.

My question: What were your favorite posts of last year?

And finally a great hits mix here:

AFI's  100 Great Movie Quotes (Intro)

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