Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Intermission Ends

I have a lot to write tomorrow, it will start from this post.  The next few posts will continue in the same vein.

From the disappearance of the last post, dancing in Ruin Hollywood, my personal Code of Honor, from my face book to the disgusting Arizona shooting of Rep. Gifford and the subsequent demonization of  Palin, all will be discussed.  If I cannot say it here, what is the worth of the Valley? 

Honor, politics and Friendship -- I have a lot to say, I will not be silenced.

Before we get deep, here are some tunes I've been playing over and over again since last Saturday Night:

Peter Gabriel, I Grieve

Depeche Mode, People are People;

Faithless, Mass Destruction;

Tangerine Dream, Running out of Time (From the Miracle Mile Soundtrack)

Brenden Perry (formerly of Dead can Dance), Utopia;
(I always dance to this -- Hat Tip to Carrie whom I danced with at Ruin on this)

My question: What songs get you through hard times?

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