Thursday, January 06, 2011

The 112th Congress First Day -- The House

Had there been a few more voters supporting the Republican Candidates in the Southland, I would be in DC .

Yesterday, Minority leader Boehner became Speaker Boehner and Speaker Pelosi became Minority Leader Pelosi. 

Here s the video of the changeover and the transcripts (Speaker Boehner; Minority Leader Pelosi)

And here is the US Constituion being read on the House Floor today.

Compare how Minority Leader Boehner gave the gavel to Speaker Pelosi in 2007:

Here is something the Left, the Liberals and the Democrats don't get -- we on the Right are civil, but we're not the ones interrupting Convention speeches or committee hearings. 

However, it looks like the Right will rise, our bench is younger then the Left's bench.  Seriously, if your last Ways and Means Chairman is 80 effing years old, good luck explaining the technological economy. 

Next up: The Senate!

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