Thursday, August 05, 2010

Situational Ethics by the Left on Two Coasts

When I became a Conservative, at least I knew why I chose to defend policies.  There was a reason, then response.  That's the way humans work. 

And during the Iraq war, the Left kept on saying, "Afghanistan is the real war,"  Well, President Obama and the Liberal intelligentsia have no plans for Afghanistan so they want to leave.  Again, hypocrisy.

Now on the domestic front on two coasts, the Left shows their hypocrisy once again. 

Simply this: How can the Left support a base for Sharia Law in NYC but support overturning a plebiscite for Gay Rights on the West Coast? 

Let's start with the East Coast first.  Pam Geller has been working this story since it's her backyard.  Read and learn.  

There is a reason why it's not OK to protest your cause at soldier's funerals, there is a reason why Germany never built over the Concentration camps, there is a reason why Japan never asked for real estate near Pearl HarborIt is called propriety.  Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.   

But for Liberals, it is not about opposing a base of Sharia law (which doesn't allow Gays or Jews to exist), it is about opposing Conservatives.   See, rather then stand up with Conservatives for propriety, they are siding with the folks who believe in Sharia law to oppose  other Americans.  Again, why does the Left hate other Americans who disagree with their world view?

Now onto the judge overturning Prop 8.  A little background first, I voted against Prop 8 for Conservative reasons.  Marriage, like home ownership and business ownership, is a civilizing process.  If put to a vote, I vote for people to allow the light of civilization to spread (hence my view of spreading Democracies to dictator run or failed states).

But to have a judge to overturn a plebiscite;.Pardon my french, but Whisky Tango Foxtrot?!  If you overturn the voters on a Liberal issue, expect a Conservative to play the same game.  (i.e. look at the rhetoric thrown at Bush over the past decade and stop wondering why the rhetoric finds itself thrown at Obama -- own your hate Lefties). 

If you want support, force another Plebiscite and go among the people and convince them.  That is the beauty of democracy, if you cannot convince, then find a way to get them to see your side.  If you demand lockstep at whatever cost, to quote Lennon: "But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao/You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow,"  

The role of the judicial branch when it comes laws is simple, it defines laws, it doesn't create laws.  That's the role of the Legislative.  By taking the power away of the Plebiscite, California becomes more ungovernable.  Who is going to vote if they know their vote is going to be overturned on a whim?

Again, situational ethics.  Rather then fight for people's votes, the Left takes the road through the Judaical branch.  Not. Good. 

During the Bush years, the Left got in bed with anti-Semites who also hated President Bush's support of Israel. 

My questions:  Does the Left Hate Conservatives so much that they will give them tools to use when the Republicans become the majority on the Hill and White House? And what do Democrats stand for on foreign policy? Examples of the latter please.
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