Saturday, August 28, 2010

At Play in the Fields of Ideas

The end of Summer and the beginning of Fall has never been a time for anything to begin; But in this time before Congress Re-convenes, let's have some fun in the Valley.

There are some policy ideals I want to push and some experimentation within the Blog.  One post tying President Obama to the film "Southland Tales," is in the queue.  Time to be resurrected. 

I will also tie some of my writing to the Tip jar.  What and how? I'll write it before September 14th.
And since this is an odd numbered year, I will be focusing on the Politics of Los Angeles and how the GOP can flip this city. 

And by the Fall, I will be doing a weekly segment on "Fisking 60 Minutes,"  If they use their airtime to flog Democrats and Democratic policy proposal's, it will be read here first.  So, CBS: play fair and so will I.   Don't anger active partisans, look at Will Ferrell's career after he attacked President Bush.  His movies barely hold the top spot after 2008. 

Enjoy a tune and let me know what ideas you think are worth discussing.  And before I close this piece:
Happy Birthday Sis!  May all your Birthdays be happy and great!  Your Big Bro.

Ideas and ideals, discuss.

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