Saturday, August 07, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Android Invasion

It's Saturday Night Doctor Who feature in the Valley!

Since the Southland Fundraiser has given up the ghost (for this Election cycle, 2012 awaits), I am sending out multiple thanks to all those people who helped me out in one form or another.   It's going to take awhile, but if you helped or supported, expect a Thank you.  (or we can all meet at RUIN and I can thank everyone at once, but can everyone from Malibu to Maryland all show up there, nooooo.... /joke)

The consolation prize is a job at the end of August at the Magnolia office at the California Republican Party. Once I'm in, I'll tell you all about on a Doctor Who night.  And since this August, an almost dead month in the Political and policy world (except for the thing with the Archduke in 1914), I might do some silly posts this month.  if something catches my eye, I'll write about it. 

And there are many candidates whom I am helping within Los Angeles, expect their names to show up here this month.

Back to the Who: The cool thing about the Android Invasion is that a companion returns and UNIT is involved here. No Brigadier though.  Even though the story is in the title, I like the way the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane uncover the mystery.  

And now, enjoy The Android Invasion

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