Tuesday, August 31, 2010

America is not Weimar; The Tea Party People are Voters and Lefties stopped speaking "Truth to Power," in 2008

I will fisk President Obama's Iraq speech tomorrow. 

Since Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin held their rally this weekend, I have read some of my Lefty friends on Facebook and the comments from Washington Monthly and other Liberal sites, and they all (talk about mindless lemmings) repeat::

A)  America is turning into the Weimar Republic and

B)  Blame the Koch Brothers (as per this New Yorker article) , Freedomworks and Matt Kibbe (whom I knew when I interned for Rep. Dan Miller) for the "NEW" rise of the Right.

Allow me to quote Dr. Cox from Scrubs here:

Liberals are looking for some nodal connection for why their "40 year Democratic majority," stopped rising.

Read and learn.

Why did the Democrats hold a 40 year majority [in Congress] in the past?  Simple. They loved America as it is, and they never demonized other Americans for disagreeing with them.  When corruption (and a burgeoning cable market) exposed the corruption, the Democrats were thrown out.

Modern Leftists (they are not Liberals, a Liberal would argue for Beck's and Palin's speech rights anywhere) cannot believe there is opposition.  Again, simple answer.

Oh how Liberals threw their feces at President Bush during the last Administration for ridding the world of a dictator.  Once upon a time, Liberals, Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives all celebrated liberating people from despots.  Now, no more.

Modern Democrats like President Obama and  former presidential candidate Senator John Kerry carry water for dictators in the early 21st Century.  I have yet to be convinced otherwise.

Why is America not like the Weimar republic? Because we have a working 200 + year old Legislature and Constitution that allows the people to voice their concerns (But Liberal Intelligentsia want to rid America of the Senate, the Filibuster and the Electoral College).  The Weimar Republic died stillborn because the Germany (after WWI) had no easy way to transition to democracy before the market fell.

You cannot succeed in American politics without building coalitions of your own party, Independents and some of the other party.  If the Democrats don't like the opposition, convince the public.

But remember, the Conservatives are the Party of car salesmen and the Leftists are the intellectuals.

And Liberals inhabit journalism and Hollywood.  So, if you want to be a Luke Skywalker fighting the Empire (I'm more of a Han Solo* type), join the Right.  If someone in Hollywood or in journalism wants to be true to their philosophical beliefs, two words: Question Authority.  That includes Democrats in office.

But they don't.  So, we in the Right Blogosphere and Fox news cover that function. 

 Now, let's conclude with the Tea Partiers. 

Who usually shows up every election in every city? Not young hipsters or rock stars, but older and wiser citizens who have time to follow the News.  When the Town halls exploded last summer, not one Liberal ever said, "Hey, maybe the public doesn't like this,"

Leftists think they are Right 1000% of the time.  They never think they're wrong.  Good luck selling the public on your views if you are never wrong.  People hate corruption but they hate know-it-alls more. 

In 2008, President Obama won the public on being a post-partisan figure who could build coalitions.  He sold himself as post-racial.  Neither of those things occurred.  So, if the public is soured on democrats, does that mean the public that voted for Obama two years ago are all "RAAAAACISTS?"

No, no and no.

The Tea Partiers are Americans who woke up to politics in 08 and are not happy with the direction the Obama Administration is taking this country.

And all those funders? The Republican party is the party that supports commerce, not the Left.  Again, demonizing funders only makes us defend and support them more.  Listen to Pacifica or Liberal talk radio, they despise corporations and commerce.  Hence, the support.

America is not Weimar Germany, but the current ruling class are looking like pre-French revolution royalty.  And Liberals defend it.

My question: Why do Liberals want unity when their person is in the White House  and never offer when the positions are switched?

 * For those who know, Han shot Greedo first.  Damn you George Lucas!

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