Thursday, August 05, 2010

If you want Unemployment to drop, don't ask an Enviromentalist for help

 Through the magic of the Internet and email, a story was brought to my attention.  But since I'm a storyteller (through the Joseph Conrad School of Writing), let me paint a picture with words:

Los Angeles is my home. I usually do business between the Miracle Mile area and the Valley.

And now let's take the same drive through the San Fernando Valley. If you start on San Fernando Road in Burbank and take Burbank Blvd to Hollywood way, there are empty storefronts up and down the blvd.  Take Hollywood way to Ventura Blvd (via Lankershim), and North Hollywood is still building up after years of neglect.  A few modern buildings, but not a lot for the tax base.  

After 18 months in office, do President Obama and the Liberals accept that the economy is theirs as of 1/20/09?  Nope, nothing is ever their fault. EVER.

Now to Reverse Engineer the cause, what does a city like Los Angeles need? Energy.

But according to a memo written by Clean Energy Works, allies of the Democrats in Congress and the Obama Administration, read what they request:

TO: CEW Groups
FR: David Di Martino, CEW Communications

RE: The Big Oil Welfare Tax

DA: July 9, 2010

The coming weeks will be very important for supporters of comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. The opposition, in the form of API and Big Oil lobbyists in Washington, are spending millions on smear campaigns and calling on their cronies in the Senate to do everything they can to continue America’s dependence on oil and prevent a new policy that moves us away from oil and toward a clean energy economy.

The other side is on message and determined to defeat a new energy policy with the tired old false attack that climate and energy legislation is a ―national energy tax.‖ What they don’t want anyone to know is that the American people already have a national energy tax– The Big Oil Welfare Tax - in the form of billions of dollars in subsidies to the wildly profitable big oil companies. That’s right; American taxpayers SUBSIDIZE an industry that earns hundreds of millions of dollars in profits each quarter, and turns around and charges $3, $4 even $5 for a gallon of its subsidized gasoline
CEW is planning to launch a targeted grassroots and media campaign to attack Big Oil for profiting from the Big Oil Welfare Tax and highlight their hypocrisy for calling investments in new technology and renewable sources of energy an ―energy tax.‖ We will target activities in the same states where API’s smear campaign ads are running. We will engage real people to call for action on clean energy and climate and to demand that API and Big Oil stop the smear campaign and get to work on solutions for America’s energy future. We will distribute a tactical campaign plan in the coming days but in the mean time we are providing (below) message guidance on the Big Oil Welfare Tax. Please use this line of attack to fend off criticisms of climate and energy legislation as a tax and use it to put opponents of clean energy and climate legislation on their heels– defending taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil – defending the Big Oil Welfare Tax.
Memos, in and of themselves are harmless. But this memo got to the right (or should I say wrong) ears and that allowed a tax on DOMESTIC Energy companies, BP is not domestic, folks, and they are immune from the upcoming tax proposed by CEW, and pushed by the Democratic Congress and supported by the Obama Administration. 
Empty storefronts and lack of jobs in Los Angeles? Well, damn those evil Republicans who want to make it easier for business to hire without a cap and trade tax!
Forbes follows up on the memo:
In the Obama administration’s 2011 budget proposal, included are provisions to change existing “dual capacity” rules, which are laws that grant tax breaks to American companies who generate income in foreign countries. These tax credits are used to offset the U.S. income tax on foreign income. Plans to change this policy would result in double-taxation on domestic oil and gas producers.

This proposal creates an uneven playing field which caters to foreign competitors by allowing them to carry on business as usual, free of this added expense. State-controlled competitors in countries like Russia, Venezuela and China will secure energy sources at our expense.

Double taxation on domestic oil and gas companies? Do you think these companies (such as Occidental here in Los Angeles) want to hire?

What is the Enviormentalists endgame? Last I checked, one enviormentalist wrote a book, "The World Without Us [Human Beings]"  Sometimes, the late George Carlin says it best [NSFW]:

My question: How has the double taxation on Oil and Gas companies affected your hometown?
(h/t:  Bill M, Sarah D.and Institute for Liberty for the subject of this post)
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