Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dancing in the Dark

It's August -- the so-called silly season of Politics.  The Mosque in Manhatatan is a serious issue (Build it somewhere else other then by the WTC site, problem solved); So is the aftereffects of traffic in Los Angeles by President Obama (Vote GOP if you want less traffic jams in the city) and finally, should there be more Republican Goths working on the Hill, National and State Committeesr? I think yes.  How about you?  

In the real world, the CRP Convention is this weekend and Robert Stacy Mc Cain is doing a two part series on California and Los Angeles politics.  This is part one.  Friends and allies are down there, I will hear the news when they return.  And if you are in San Diego, visit Fillippi's Pizza grotto. Damn good food.

And since it was so damn hot today, let's follow the words of "Wear Sunscreen," tonight:

So, in honor of the silly season, dance to these songs to your heart's content.  You can almost always find me on the dance floor at Ruin/Malediction to these songs (and if you want to meet the author of the Valley, find me there)

First tune, The Church -- Under the Milky Way Tonight:

Second tune, Chameleons UK -- Swamp Thing:

Third tune, Dead can Dance -- The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove:

Fourth Tune, Peter Murphy -- All Night Long:

Fidth and final song: V.A.S.T -- Touched:

(Hat tip to DJ Xian Vox who helped me find some of the songs)

The comment section is yours, what tunes do you dance to?

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