Saturday, August 21, 2010

Doctor Who -- Seeds of Doom

Saturday night in the summer, time for another Doctor Who feature!

Tonight is the episode Seeds of Doom.  If you ever meet me, I shy away from salads and greens.  Why?  This episode scared the crap out of me, especially towards the end.  And you will see why I'm a city kid, not one for the country. 

The beginning of the episode might have inspired John Carpenter's "The Thing,"  Scary. 

Later this week, I'll hear news from the California Republican Party San Diego Convention. I keep on being invited to help the Democrats here in LA or DC, and I consistently turn them down.  Why?

My views don't flip on a dime; My friends on the Right actually believe what they stand for.  There is no parsing or threading a needle.  I still don't know what the Lefts foreign policy is.  Is it isolationism or Nixonianism?  They hated Bush fil's Wilsonianism, so the Democrats don't believe that.  

To quote the great Christopher Walken in Rundown, "Enlighten me!"  Show me the actions behind the words. 

Now then, imagine plants (and any gardens you have) rebelling.  That is the essence of "The Seeds of Doom,"  Only the Doctor and Sarah Jane (with an appearance from UNIT) can save the world.  

You will never look at your salad the same way after this episode!  Enjoy!

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