Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Paean to Pamela Geller

[This is a post about someone I consider a friend; If you have nothing nice to say about this post, stay quiet. I will delete if need be.  Same goes for any post about my friends]
The great and talented Pamela Geller was the ONLY person I wanted to speak for the Southland Fundraiser.   She can inspire a crowd (as in TX); She is able to draw a crowd in support of her causes [Stop Islamicization of America] in New York City -- and she doesn't have a band nor is she an actress.  That is charisma and passion.  And she was the Tripwire the Ground Zero Mosque has to go through.  She is a one-woman Newsmaker. 
When the Southland Fundraiser returns in the Election 2012 cycle, it will still be Pamela Geller speaking at the Reagan Museum
I am reading her book, The Post-American Presidency, and she is a great writer.  I'll review it when I'm done. 
We in the Right Blogosphere have a saying in 2010: The women of the Right [Governor Palin, Rep. Bachmann and Pamela Geller] have more balls then the men.  She fights and she fights hard.  As a former New Yorker, I would stand by her in any fight. (aned like any true New Yorker, she knows how to fight).
So, consider this a tip of the hat to a great Blogger, fighter and friend.  When I am working at the California Republican Party, I owe her a nice dinner in Los Angeles.  It would be an honor. And I will always smile at the thought of her singing "Happy Birthday," on my last birthday.  The prettiest, smartest woman of the Right Bl;ogosphere sang to me.  I couldn't stop smiling for a week.
Keep reading Atlas Shrugs and support my friends in the Blogosphere.
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