Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Ghost of Rostenkowski and the Old School Rules

Former Rep. Rostenkowski of Chicago has died.  When I interned on the Hill during the 103rd Congress, I saw him walking towards the Cannon tunnel to the Capitol.  Also, I read two books about the man: 

A)    Showdown at Gucci Gulch - Rep. Rostenkowski and the 1986 Tax Bill
B)    The Ambition and the Power - Rep Rostenkowski and the corruption of the 100th Congress under Speaker Wright (D-TX)

And to show you that the more things change, the more they stay the same:

Now, for Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats, the ghost of Rostenkowski, who represented corruption in his own time, can be used again for all the corruption and heavily partisan, 111th Congress.

The Democrats were thrown out in 1994, after 40 years,  because of corruption, the GOP Congress was thrown out for the same reason in 2006, and it looks like the Democrats did not learn their lesson the first time.

I have yet to hear a Liberal say: We are corrupt or we are wrong.  Look at Bell, California -- look at credit rating of Democratic run Los AngelesHubris comes to the Left after they lose.  Never duringThey'd rather hate Conservatives then stand beside them.

Now, what about these "Old School Rules?"  This is my version of Speaker O'Neill's, All Politics is local.

Here is what John Barry wrote about Rostonkowski in The Ambition and the Power:

"Things had their place; he respected authority and institutions --  the Church, the President, the Speaker
"As in the old Polish neighborhood, an enemy was an enemy, a friend, a friend, period.  George [H.W.] Bush and he served on Ways and means together in the 1960's and were friends.  The day after Reagan was shot in 1981, [H.W.] Bush was scheduled to speak at a Rostonkowski fundraiser in Chicago....[H.W.] Bush could not appear in person, but still honored the commitment through telephone hookup,"
-- The Ambition and the Power by John Barry, Page 94

Can you imagine a Liberal following H.W. or Rostenkowski? Nope, they hate Conservatives too much.

Now "The Old School Rules,"

1)    Americans who are the partisan opposite of you are not "The Enemy," no matter how much you wish it so.  [This is true of the Left unfortunately]  Stop needing Emmanuel Goldsteins' and respect those who choose and honor Public Life.  The Americans involved with politics and policy love their country.  Treat them as fellow Americans, not as Enemies.  Stop calling them "crazy, stupid or Evil,"  They are not.  But you are if you throw those words around.

2)    Politics used to stop at the Water's Edge, but Democrats broke that contract in 1991 and 2002.  Choose one foreign policy to define your Party, Wilsoniansism [Spreading Democracy Overseas], Nixonianism [Playing chess games with Dictators and failed states] or Isolationism [Stay away for all foreigners overseas].  And support the President on this issue, he reads Intel in the AM, you don't.  And if you say "Afghanistan is the real war," Then stand by your words when you gain power.  I have yet to see the Left define their Foreign Policy clearly in opposition or in power, Choose one.

3)   Those dictators or groups that want to attack America or allies, do not give them a seat at a table.  Again, Columbia University gave President Ahmadinihjad a seat, but they can't find a place for Conservatives to speakThe Left cheered Chavez and Ahmadinjad at the United Nations because they hated Bush,.  I have yet to see any active partisan of the Left defend their President when there is an R next to his or her name.  Not Reagan, Bush I or Bush II.  Don't like how we are treating Obama, think twice before you raise the room temperature on a President who has a differing philosophy then you.  Remember, even Rostonkowski respected the presidents he opposed.  If he can do it, why can't any Left on facebook?

4)  Don't say Third parties are needed if you have never voted for both Democrats and Republicans on a Federal Level.  Sorry, unless you can understand and reject both philosophies (and not stereotype either), then don't declare it a loss. The Two parties have different philosophies, only idiots stereotype, but partisans learn.  I have yet to see a Liberal correctly identify the different branches within Conservatism and get it right. 

5)   If you believe in the People, support them whatever their decision.  History has a way of repeating itself.  Election 2000 repeated Election 1960; Impeachment 1998 repeated Impeachment 1974.  The Republicans accepted and moved on, Democrats never did.  The 60% of the populace who don't do this daily, looked, shrugged their shoulders and accepted the decisions.  Democrats never did.   Look at Prop. 8. the people made a choice and the Left tries to overturn rather then convince MORE of the populace why their side is correct.  Nope, the people are stupid according to the Left.  Have you ever noticed the Left NEVER tries to convince people?  Just calls them namesThe Race card is now a Dead Parrot.

6)  Live by your own rules.  If you believe that Government needs more tax Money, open up your wallet and give.  If you beleieve in Global Warming, don't drive a car or live near the beach.  If you want civility done to your people, show it when your side is not in power.  It ain't rocket science, but no Leftie can figure this out.

7)  Finally, do not mock those who are involved.  The Americans interested in politics are interested in the health and well-being of it.  Former Governor Palin, Vice President Cheney and Former President George W. Bush all have their reasons mocked.  Their supporters are mocked.  Why should anyone reach out if they are being mocked? 

8)   Make a promise, stick to it. If you say you have a plan to win in a certain area, let all the candidates and activists know.  And never leave your supporters out to dry.  This one is personal. 

My question: What Old School Rules do you follow or wish to add?

UPDATE 7:22PM PST: Hello Instapundit readers! Welcome and explore the Valley.  And enjoy your summer. 
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  1. 11 rules that should be posted at every school This should be posted at every school and on everyone's refrigerator if they have kids can also apply to many adults!

  2. The problem that the Democrats face is that they are so entranced by a utopian vision of Fukuyamian liberalism that they are blind to the challenges posed by true state of the citizens of the nation

    Conversely, the Republicans tend to be so tied to Millesque vision that they tend to neglect the needs of the individual.


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