Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Endorsements November 2014: The Tops, the Props and those with Chops

This is the year that has proven that Democrats don't clean their own messes.  I am seeing commercials run on TV scaring the public with lies and untruths.

Here is the Hard Truth going into Election 2014 in California:  Corruption rules within the Democratic Majority.  

Now then, life (and a dead computer) have gotten in the way, but here is my Endorsement post for TODAY!

(Any ** is someone I can vote for; Any # is someone I know)

Top of Pops

Governor: Neel Kashkar**i
Lt. Gov.: Ron Nehring**#
CA Secretary of State: Pete Peterson**
Treasurer: Greg Conlon **
AG: Ronald Gold**
Insurance Commissioner: Ted Gaines**

State Assembly Candidates (Thanks RPLAC!)

AD 36 - Tom Lackey 
AD 38 - Scott Wilk 
AD 43 - Todd Royal 
AD - 44 Rob McCoy 
AD 45 - Susan Shelley** 
AD 46 - Zachary Taylor 
AD 48 - Joe Gardner 
AD 49 - Esthela Torres Siegrist 
AD 50 - Bradly Torgan **#
AD 51- Stephen Smith 
AD 52 - Dorothy Pineda 
AD 54 - Glen Ratcliff **
AD 55 - Ling-Ling Chang 
AD 57 - Rita Topalian 
AD 62 - Ted Grose 
AD 63 - Adam Miller 
AD 66 - David Hadley 
AD 70 - John Goya

State Senate Candidates (Again, RPLAC)

SD 18 - Ricardo Benitez 
SD 20 - Matthew Munson# 
SD 22 - Marc Rodriguez 
SD 32 - Mario Guerra 
SD 34 - Janet Nguyen 

Congressional Candidates

CD 23 - Kevin McCarthy 
CD 26 - Jeff Gorell 
CD 27 - Jack Orswell 
CD29 - William Leader 
CD 30 - Mark Reed 
CD 32 - Arturo Alas **
CD 33 - Elan Carr **#
CD 37 - R. Adam King 
CD 38 - Benjamin Campos 
CD 39 - Ed Royce 
CD 43 - John Wood 
CD 47 - Andy Whallon 

County Assessor

John Morris**#

County Sheriff

Jim McDonnell

Board of Equalization (Tax Board)

Board of Equalization District 1 – George Runner
Board of Equalization District 2 – James E. Theis
Board of Equalization District 3 – G. Rick Marshall
Board of Equalization District 4 – Diane L. Harkey

CA Supreme Court

(70) Kathryn Mickle-Werdegar

Appeal Courts

(80) Jeffery Johnson
(92) Nora Manella 
(95) Paul Turner
(98) Kenneth Yegan

Superior Court

Dayan Mathai
Tom Greigo

The Props

Prop 1: NO

Prop 2: NO

Prop 45: Hell NO!

Prop 46: NO

Prop 47: NO

Prop 48: NO

LA County Props


And final prediction for the US Senate:

R: 55
D: 45

Governor Walker, Governor Scott (FL), and Governor Brownback all survive.

GO and vote!

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